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Building on What She has Learned

Vice-President gets new tools for leadership

Deborah Webb
Vice President of Customer Resources NuPoint Division at Computer Services, Inc., Paducah, KY

Vanderbilt Executive Education 2012

When the board of directors at Deborah Webb’s company implemented a program to identify and prepare “future stars,” they also looked at those, like Deborah, whose stars had already risen. The board urged them to augment their practical experience with more formal education.

That suggestion set in motion a process that ultimately led Deborah, a vice president for Computer Services, Inc.’s NuPoint Division, to earn a Certificate in Leadership Excellence from the Vanderbilt Executive Development Institute.

“I liked the fact that I could earn a certificate and that the classes were timed fairly close together, so you can build on what you learn,” she says. “I’ve added some tools to my toolkit!”

Just as much as the skills she honed and tweaks she made, Deborah appreciated the energy, interactivity and the real-life scenarios in her classes. “Being able to discuss a technique and then practice it has been very helpful,” she says.

“I think you gain a lot just from other members of the class. The other students were from a wide variety of industry backgrounds. Unlike more traditional college courses, they all brought real-world experience to the discussions. Knowing that the problems you face as a leader are common across industries, and seeing how others have resolved issues, brings a creative spark to the discussions. It helps you see business differently.”