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Making the System Healthier

Doctor pursues passion to improve health care delivery

Devin Busby
COO & CFO, Elevate Global

Vanderbilt MBA 2013

Devin Busby went straight from college to Duke Medical School. But midway through his medical education, the Las Vegas native realized his ambitions had changed from wanting to become a practicing physician to helping “reshape the structure of the U.S. health care system so it is better equipped to do good for patients in an economically sustainable way.”

His medical school education, Devin notes, did not teach him many of the intricacies of the health care delivery system. He especially wanted to learn more about the provider side and, specifically, about the relationships between government and health care providers and “the economics that underpin their ability to provide quality care.”

He was sold on Vanderbilt from his first visit to Nashville. “What other business school,” he asks, “offers an introductory course team-taught by a health care economist and a U.S. congressman?”

He describes his Owen experience as “transformative. Even more critical than learning the concepts,” he says, “was the opportunity to practice what I learned in meaningful ways. And the leadership piece has been key. I’ve learned a lot about how to influence people and move organizations.”

The two-year experience also was positive for his family (when he completed his MBA, Devin had children ages four and two, plus a five-month-old born while he was at Owen). “Nashville was a great location for us,” he says. “There are plenty of parks, other things to do outside, and lots of fun destinations nearby.”

After graduation, Devin accepted a position with McKinsey & Co. Where he’ll be 10 years from now, he says, is anyone’s guess. “Whatever I do, I’ll be finding ways to positively influence the way the U.S. provides health care to its citizens.”