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For the Love of Marketing

Emily Fletcher shifts career aims from pro sports to CMO position

Emily Fletcher
Director of Marketing, Planning & Content, Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions

Vanderbilt MBA 2016

At Northwestern, Emily Fletcher worked for the university’s football team, producing videos and conducting on-camera interviews for the Wildcats’ YouTube channel. She enjoyed the experience so much that, after graduation, she obtained a job nearby with the NFL Chicago Bears in customer service and marketing.

And that experience, in turn, led Emily to shift her thinking about her future plans, which had involved working with professional sports teams. “My career goals shifted,” she says, “as I fell in love with marketing, strategy and communications.”

But she had always planned on obtaining an MBA. In 2014, the timing seemed perfect.

“I knew I wanted to attend a smaller program that offered classroom intimacy and access to professors,” she says. “Once I interviewed at Owen, I knew immediately it was the place for me. The community was so welcoming. It truly is a collaborative environment that challenges and inspires you.”

Now, in St. Louis, Emily is on her way toward her career goal of becoming a corporate Chief Marketing Officer. Perhaps, one day, she’ll even be back in Nashville, which she calls “a great place to live.” Shortly before graduation, her desire to come back was invigorated by one of the perks that accrue to some of the city’s residents: she was selected to be a “featured extra” in the TV show “Nashville.”

“It was an amazing experience,” Emily says. “I’m a huge fan of the show.”

Fun Fact: Emily once won a blue ribbon at the Illinois State Fair in the “Cooking with Eggs” competition.

“You will be challenged, encouraged and supported by outstanding faculty and staff. But more importantly, you will experience growth as a businesswoman and leader.”