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Learning to Rely on a Supportive Team

For India Nix, a collaborative environment offered new lessons for career

India Nix
Business Valuation Advisory Analyst, Deloitte, Atlanta

Vanderbilt MS Finance 2020

After completing her undergraduate degree at Vanderbilt, India Nix faced a big decision. With majors in political science and philosophy, she was on track for an eventual career in law; in fact, she was close to receiving a job offer.

But she opted to discontinue the interview process and switch directions after realizing that her undergraduate internship experiences had instilled a deep interest in business and finance. “I was passionate about making a career for myself,” India explains, “not just accepting a job.”

Since she had completed her undergraduate degree at Vanderbilt, India was already sold on the school and on the city. The top-ranking of the MSF program made it an easy decision to stay in Nashville for another year. “Given Vanderbilt’s support for as well as expectations of its students across all schools, I knew I would be able to flourish academically at Owen,” she says. “And [in the MSF program] I knew I would be taught and mentored by knowledgeable and experienced professionals.” When she received a scholarship, she adds, “this demonstration of faith in me and my ability to succeed from the outset was extremely reassuring and showed me how I would be supported in the program.”

Yet for all the support she says she received from faculty and staff, India has an even higher regard for the support she received from her fellow students. “I had somebody to go to each time I was struggling during the year because of my classmates and mentors,” she says. “The collaboration between students is what makes this program stand out over others. We acted as each other’s biggest supporters inside and outside Owen. I loved having these people by my side every step of the way.”

Looking back on her experience, India suggests that the collaborative environment did as much to prepare her for a career as the quality of the instruction. “I went into the program knowing that it would teach me vital quantitative skills that I would need in order to be well prepared for the finance industry,” she says. “But I also learned how to rely on fellow team members. I improved my ability to lead others in various settings, I became more comfortable asking others for help and advice, and I stepped outside my comfort zone more than I expected. All of these attributes have helped shape me professionally and personally.”

Fun Fact: India, a dual citizen of the US and UK, grew up moving back and forth between both countries.

I was passionate about making a career for myself, not just accepting a job.