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Reflecting on His Best Decision

Briton Jamie Brown believes Vanderbilt MSF offers

Jamie Brown
Investment Banking Analyst, Deutsche Bank, New York, NY
Associate, Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners

Vanderbilt MS Finance 2015

Jamie Brown has already seen much of the world, and his appetite for more is not yet satisfied. Born in Hong Kong, where he spent the first eight years of his life, he counts London as his hometown and earned a degree in Economics at Durham University in the UK. While completing his undergraduate work, he also completed internships in London at JP Morgan?s Asset Management and Investment Banking divisions. There, he says, he worked with a number of people who had earned a Master?s degree in Finance ? a path that they recommended for him as well. After deciding to pursue an MSF in the United States, Jamie?s research quickly led him to Vanderbilt, based on four major factors: academic rigor, career guidance, the appeal of Nashville and what he calls ?the Owen way.? ?When I visited, I met a number of current students who raved about Blake Gore and the CMC. I liked how Blake provides individual career guidance for all MSF students from even before they arrive in Nashville, as this helped me to untangle the drastic differences between professional interaction in the UK and the US. This, combined with Vanderbilt?s emphasis on group work and interaction between MBA and MSF students, enhanced my US experience. ?Judging by my research and conversations with friends in other programs across the globe, Vanderbilt provides the best balance you can get from an MSF degree. Finance is not all about quantitative skills; it is just as much about people skills. Vanderbilt will teach you everything you need to know about both, and you will have a lot of fun while you are at it.? At some point, Jamie would like to return to work in both London and Hong Kong, among other cities around the globe. But he?s very happy he spent a year in Nashville. Coming to Vanderbilt, he says, ?was the best decision I have ever made.?

Fun Fact: Jamie has traveled the world from the Americas to Zanzibar.

Vanderbilt provides the best balance you can get from an MSF degree.