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Pursuing New Goals Instead of Scoring Them

College lacrosse player finds his way in a different field through MSF program

John Marple
Investment Banking Analyst, Harris Williams & Co.

Vanderbilt MS Finance 2021

During his undergraduate years, John Marple began gravitating toward investment banking. A summer internship in New York City after his junior year increased his appetite for a career in that field.

While he found his degree in economics to be useful in critical thinking and problem solving, he lacked technical training grounded in finance, and the time commitment required as a student-athlete reduced his opportunities to add to his skills. The best course, he decided, was an MSF program, which he believed “would give me the necessary technical training as well as expand my network to best position myself for job searching into 2021. I chose Vanderbilt due to its fantastic ranking, strong network and reputation for preparing students for a career in investment banking.”

He found that program lived up to that reputation, helping him build skills and land a post-graduation job. Yet he describes “the most exciting aspect of being a Vanderbilt MSF student” as the numerous opportunities to develop as a leader and invest in others. “I actually have more free time than I did at Colgate,” John says, “and I have joined in the ambassador program (serving as a resource for potential MSF students), the Finance Club, the Net Impact Club and a job search group.

“It is rewarding to help others achieve their goals and feel a sense of responsibility to do so, given the enormous help I’ve received from others. In my clubs I am learning more about my career interest and how I can make a difference in terms of social equity and climate impacts. Overall, I am working on my communication skills, leadership skills and work ethic while giving back to current for potential MSF students.”

There’s also time, John has found, to enjoy what a major city like Nashville has to offer. His “favorite highlight,” he says, is listening to live music on Broadway and “meeting new people I otherwise not have met.” He also has become an avid golfer who enjoys improving his game at the Vanderbilt Legends Golf Club. “I have customized my experience to both focus on investment banking and to make the most of living in a vibrant, culture-filled city,” he says. “There are endless opportunities.”

Fun Fact: A former Division I college lacrosse player, John now enjoys playing golf during his spare time.

I have customized my experience to both focus on investment banking and to make the most of living in a vibrant, culture-filled city.