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Becoming a More Agile Businessperson

Jordan Maya returns to Vanderbilt for diverse skills to chase his entrepreneurial dream

Jordan Maya
Vice President - Head of Finance, Intercare Therapy

Vanderbilt MAcc Valuation 2016

Jordan Maya learned about the MAcc Valuation program when he was a junior at Vanderbilt, majoring in Corporate Strategy and Financial Economics. He was intrigued. When he graduated in 2014, he said, “I decided that the background and skills I could gain, from both the program and the job opportunities it could provide, were perfect for my future aspirations” — which involve starting his own company one day.

After a year as director of operations for a pharmacy in Long Island (that involved managing more than 50 employees), Jordan came back to Vanderbilt. “It’s the only true valuation program out there,” he said. ‘And Nashville is an incredible city.”

Now, as an associate with PwC in New York, Jordan believes he has lots of options to help him realize his entrepreneurial dreams. “Even during my internship I was exposed to industries that sparked my interest,” he says. “In addition to health care, I would like to be able to spend time working in areas like private equity. The ability to work with many different portfolio companies is particularly interesting to me.”

Jordan, an avid traveler and half-marathoner, says his MAcc Valuation degree helps him keep those many future options open. “An understanding of accounting, finance and the deals and transaction process are skills that are transferrable to any profession or industry,” he says, “and they create a more well-rounded and agile professional. I don’t know if there is anything out there that can better prepare you for numerous aspects of the business world, both technically and socially."

Fun Fact: In addition to traveling all over the U.S., Jordan has visited Chile, Peru, Germany, Mexico, Italy, France, the U.K., and Canada

“Vanderbilt has put in the position to jump-start my career in the industry, firm and city that I wanted to be in.”