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From a Biologist to a Business Leader

Executive MBA gave Josh Anthony the skills and credential for a wider role

Josh Anthony
Founder and CEO, Nlumn

Vanderbilt Executive MBA 2009

Josh Anthony holds a PhD in cellular and molecular physiology. He has served on the adjunct faculty of a major medical school. But despite his position as R&D director in charge of new product innovation for an international producer of infant formula, he recognized that “people in industry are often associated with their functional role.”

Wanting to move beyond that role to contribute more to his company by enhancing his understanding of business, he set a goal: “to be sufficiently versed across disciplines so that I am not only viewed as a scientist but also as a business partner who can contribute across functional boundaries.”

At Vanderbilt, Josh found the right fit: “a world-class MBA program without pretense” and coursework he could apply immediately in his own work to make an impact beyond his role in R&D. Drawing on what he learned in Statistics and Microeconomics, for example, Josh worked with his company’s market research department to develop models for predicting changes in infant formula share using macroeconomic indicators. Using knowledge from Corporate Valuation and Marketing classes, he partnered cross-functionally to develop metrics to better assess the value of the company’s new product opportunities.

 “For me,” Josh says, “the MBA is about opportunity. The knowledge I’ve gained has afforded me opportunities to meet business challenges and grow my career in new directions.”

Among those opportunities was a new position. In 2011, Josh became Vice President for Global Nutrition and Health at the Campbell Soup Company. And since then, he’s promoted two more times. Today, Josh serves as Campbell’s Vice President for Global Research and Development. 

“For me, the MBA is about opportunity.”