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Emerging as a Leader for Emerging Markets

Kseniya Pfeiffer pursues top-tier MBA for global responsibilities

Kseniya Pfeiffer
Manager, Emerging Markets, Schneider Electric

Vanderbilt Global Executive MBA 2020

The Global Immersion Track was made for Executive MBA students like Kseniya Pfeiffer. In her role with Schneider Electric, she helps global companies navigate the complex world of emerging energy markets.

“Our team,” she says, “identifies opportunities in transitional economies, sets strategy on how to approach the market and helps our clients procure energy resources in the most sustainable and cost-effective way.” In Mexico, Kseniya’s team at Schneider currently manages hundreds of millions of dollars in annual electricity expenditures for clients; thanks to the team’s efforts, several global brand names are now 100-percent powered by green energy.

Kseniya recognized she needed a stronger credential beyond her undergraduate degree from a university in her native Russia. “Having a US degree from a top-tier university is something that I always wanted to pursue,” she says. “I work every day with executives and advise them on strategy in emerging markets. Having an MBA from a top-tier school allows me to speak the same language with them and adds weight to my advice.”

Not only that, she adds, but pursuing an MBA from Vanderbilt sends “a signal to the business community that you are willing to take on challenges and not afraid to work hard. This signal is just as important as the degree itself.”

Taking on the challenge, Kseniya believes, also sends a valuable signal to her seven-year-old son. Managing her parental responsibilities, her job and the demands of the MBA program isn’t easy. “But I know that in the end this experience will be beneficial for my family,” she says. “I am setting a good example for my son and showing him that hard work always pays off.”

In fact, it paid off in the first year alone, when Kseniya received a promotion. And while the program’s international immersions remained ahead of her, Kseniya already has begun to think more globally. “Being part of the C-team and EMBA cohort opened up my horizons tremendously,” she says. “You learn as much from other students as from the professors. You start looking at things from multiple angles. The overall class experience is really enriching.”

[An MBA from Vanderbilt sends] a signal to the business community that you are willing to take on challenges and not afraid to work hard.