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Managing through Multitasking

Marketer finds balance between school, job, and internship.

Logan Bolton
Account Executive, We Thrive Media

Vanderbilt Master of Marketing 2022

For Logan Bolton, the Master of Marketing program at Vanderbilt was more than 10 months of hard work focused on a particular goal. It was a balancing act.

She explains, “I had an internship and a demanding part-time job while completing schoolwork and attending classes.” During the fall, Logan served as a student recruiting assistant for Vanderbilt football—just as she had done at her undergraduate institution, Wake Forest University. Then, she worked as a student admissions coordinator for the MMark program, a position she found rewarding in “allowing me to create events and outreach programs that promote the program and connect with potential students.”

While she didn’t have the luxury of focusing all of her time on school assignments, balancing multiple priorities was nothing new for Logan. In addition to her work with the football program as an undergraduate, she captained the cheerleading team and created and executed more than 100 events as an officer for the Student Union programming board.

The compactness of the Vanderbilt MMark program helped make it all more manageable. “The fact that it is a 10-month program was really appealing to me,” Logan says. “Being able to get a high-caliber degree from a great school in such a short period of time was very important.”

In addition to her involvement at Owen (Closing Bells were a weekly highlight), Logan participated in numerous events offered through Vanderbilt’s Black Cultural Center and the OBGAPS (Organization of Black Graduate and Professional Students). “I made so many friends and great memories from events like game nights, Christmas parties, and community service,” she says. “Besides providing me with relief from academic stress, they increased my sense of belonging and continuously fostered diversity and inclusion at Vanderbilt.”

Now, she’s on her way toward her goal of eventually becoming a senior corporate executive. “I think this program has prepared me for the real world in both my personal and professional life,” she says.

Fun Fact: Logan’s brother won three Emmy Awards in 2021.

Being able to get a high-caliber degree from a great school in such a short period of time was very important.