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One Year Made All the Difference

MAcc and CPA credential in 12 months led Luke Seib to Vanderbilt

Lucas "Luke" Seib
Financial Planning & Analysis Analyst, SoundExchange, Arlington, VA

Vanderbilt MAcc Assurance 2017

Luke Seib had long been aiming for a business career. That was his major in college (his minor was economics). So as he approached graduation, he carefully studied which programs might be the best fit for a graduate degree.

When recruiters for the Vanderbilt MAcc program visited his school, Luke was impressed by the opportunity to get a Master’s degree (and his CPA credential) in just one year. “I prioritized that in my decision,” he says. “Other programs were multi-year.”  

And when Luke toured the campus, he was sold. “My visit made it obvious to me that I wanted to participate in this program.”

What made the MAcc program stand out even more, says Luke in retrospect, were the support he received and the network he developed. “The faculty and staff were constantly available to have straightforward discussions about whatever I needed,” he says. “Whether it was class work or working through a career decision, everyone is knowledgeable and willing to help.

“And I have made great connections with amazing people in large companies that I can use as my career progresses.”

There was another perk, too. As a lifelong baseball player, Luke enjoyed spending free afternoons in the spring watching Vanderbilt’s perennial powerhouse baseball team.  

And after he graduated, Luke not only passed the CPA exam and started his career – he was able to land a job in Washington, D.C., next door to his old hometown.

Fun Fact: In college, Luke was on the varsity baseball team.

“My visit made it obvious to me that I wanted to participate in this program.”