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Finding Focus

Diverse Dutcher decides on his direction

Max Dutcher
Senior Consultant, FTI Consulting
Director, FTI Consulting, New York City

Vanderbilt MAcc Valuation 2013

Max Dutcher’s interests range from chemistry (which led him to a strong undergraduate program at Furman); to playing music (his favorite release); to entrepreneurship (he started and ultimately sold a dorm-based snack-food business in college); to conservation and sustainability (in his senior year, he helped start a fully functioning organic farm).

Those interests also extend to all seven continents (he’s visited four — including a summer job with a corporate training and cultural consulting firm in Shanghai before his senior year — and the remaining three are on his list).

For Max, who had shifted his studies from medicine to engineering to marketing before becoming interested in finance, the challenge was turning those diverse interests into a coherent career focus. “During my senior year,” the Atlanta native says, “I was thinking about returning to work in China and later going to graduate school.”

Then he learned about the MAcc Valuation program, which addressed the two criteria he had concluded were “musts” for his career: “It allowed me to work with finance,” he says, “and to be engaged with other people.”

Now, starting with a position in New York City, Max is on his way toward what he hopes will ultimately be a career in international business. “I couldn’t believe that in this job market it was possible to have companies compete for you. Applying to this program was one of the best decisions of my life.”