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Marketing Himself Through a Network

Alumni base and Vanderbilt name open new doors for Morley

McCallum Morley
Independent Consultant, Enterprise Solutions

Vanderbilt Master of Marketing 2023

Unlike many students in Vanderbilt’s Young Professional programs, McCallum Morley did not pursue a graduate business degree immediately after college. He had what he describes as a “decent job” as a business analyst in Nashville.

The job, however, “did not offer much room for growth,” he says. “I knew that with each passing year, I would become less likely to pursue an advanced degree.”

Vanderbilt’s Master of Marketing program appealed to him because of his interest in the subject (particularly sports marketing), its Nashville location (he wouldn’t have to move), and the opportunity to complete a graduate degree in just one year. “I thought the program was a nice complement to my economics and finance degree and professional background, and a master’s degree from Vanderbilt and the associated global network would fit well alongside my previous experience.”

In keeping with Vanderbilt’s emphasis on “personal scale,” McCallum was able to obtain an internship that aligned well with his interests—as a marketing intern with Vanderbilt Athletics. One of his fondest memories from the entire program was being on the field after Vanderbilt’s football team upset the Florida Gators. “I got to celebrate with one of my classmates, Gavin Schoenwald, a tight end and one of the team captains.” Coming from an undergraduate experience at a small liberal arts college, that “big game” environment felt especially exhilarating.

McCallum found the Vanderbilt network beyond his class to be even more of a positive influence. He credits the Career Management Center with helping connect him with the university’s alumni base, especially professionals from the greater Nashville community. “The network and brand name of the school are both great,” he says, “in allowing me to get a foot in the door at places that might otherwise overlook me.”

McCallum’s experience was unconventional in one other way, too. During the program, he continued to work part-time for his previous employer, balancing job responsibilities with schoolwork and his marketing internship. “Life is about balance,” he says, “and this program definitely allows you to challenge yourself while also working on that balance.”

Fun Fact: McCallum is an avid baseball fan in general (and St. Louis Cardinals fan in particular) who attended the World Baseball Classic in Miami in 2023.

“I knew that with each passing year, I would become less likely to pursue an advanced degree.”