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Improving His Whole Team

Stallings takes Vanderbilt team for ‘tune-up’

Meyers Stallings
Vice President, Academic Initiatives, Premier Inc.

Vanderbilt Executive Education 2012

Meyers Stallings is all about finding ways to do things better. In fact, it’s his job as Associate Director for Performance Improvement at a place — Vanderbilt University Medical Center — where performance improvement can save not only money but lives.

So Meyers, who had seen the value of focused programs to build or refresh skills during his days with Deloitte, decided to enroll in a course in leadership at Owen’s Executive Development Institute. “It had been a while since I went through a tune-up,” he explains. “I think everyone in a leadership position should pause and do something like that. The leadership coaching and development of personnel approaches have really changed my thinking.”

He and a junior colleague went through the course together, and they found it so beneficial that Meyers not only went on to earn a certificate in leadership excellence but decided to have his entire leadership team, plus several others, go through EDI’s leadership development curriculum.

“One of the things I liked about the structure was the practical applications of the tools I got from these programs," Meyers says. “And one thing I’ve heard my leadership team consistently say when they come back is that they are applying a lot of the tools that we encounter within group. From an internal development and an external application, the programs have been extremely positive for us.”