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‘MMHC Fit the Bill Perfectly’

Insurance executive gains skills for the next 20 years of his career

Michael Drescher
Director of Provider Engagement, BlueCross Blue Shield of Tennessee

Vanderbilt MM Health Care 2016

In the role with BlueCross Blue Shield of Tennessee he has held since 2011, Michael Drescher oversees provider relations, communications and appeals. He has extensive health care experience, including three years when he supervised communications and legislative functions for the state’s Medicaid program, TennCare.

Though he knew his background in communications, strategy and government was strong, Michael says, “I was lacking some core business skills and training. I was looking for a program that could offer business education in a health care context and accommodate my work schedule. MMHC fit that bill perfectly.”

Even knowing the strength of the program, Michael was pleasantly surprised once classes began. “I did not expect the depth into which we would explore the content of the courses, so it has provided much more knowledge than I expected from such a short program,” he says. “But it has also been far more relevant to my work than I expected.”

In particular, he says, the program “has provided me with a stronger context and appreciation for the core business and analysis discussions we have in management-level meetings. The content has been directly applicable to some of the management problems I’m currently trying to solve. The program has helped me become a better leader, as I’m able to provide greater input, decision-making support, strategic guidance and analysis to my teams.

“It has provided me with key skills that I’ll need over the next 20 years of my career.”

Fun Fact: Michael once served as director of communications for Tennessee governor Phil Bredesen.

“The MMHC has provided me with key skills that I’ll need over the next 20 years of my career.”