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From Pipe Manufacturing to Investment Banking

Mourya Ravuri makes move from India to Memphis to Wall Street, with help from Vanderbilt

Mourya Ravuri
Private Equity Associate, PSP Investments

Vanderbilt MBA 2017

How do you get from steel pipe manufacturing to investment banking? For Mourya Ravuri, the link is Vanderbilt.

After graduating from college with a degree in Information and Communication Technology in her native India, Mourya worked in the Memphis area for Tenaris, a leading producer of steel pipe for the oil and gas industry. There, she rose to become an automation project manager, overseeing teams of 30 people.

Like many managers who pursue an MBA, Mourya wanted to build the business and leadership skills to complement her technical skills. She chose Vanderbilt because of “the personal touch.”

“I went to events at other schools where I felt I was one among many,” she says, “but here at Vanderbilt I don’t get lost in the crowd.”

That personal touch came in especially handy after Mourya participated in Wall Street Week, a faculty-led trip for students to the financial houses of New York. The trip, she says, helped her discover an interest that led her to pursue a career in financial services.

With help from the Career Management Center, and support from numerous Vanderbilt Business alumni already working on Wall Street, Mourya was able to land an internship with UBS’ investment banking division.

“As a career switcher, I was surprised at the opportunities that were presented to me at Owen,” Mourya says. “It’s an information bank, and every day I am learning something new.”

Fun Fact: Mourya married a French Canadian man in her hometown, and the event made national news in India. “We were celebrities for a day!” she says.

“As a career switcher, I was surprised at the opportunities that were presented to me at Owen.”