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Timing Her Move to North America

Brazilian entrepreneur customizes her path to private wealth management

Rachel Fleury
Private Wealth Management Associate, Goldman Sachs

Vanderbilt MBA 2022

Before she came to Vanderbilt, Rachel Fleury had not only had launched her career: she had launched her own business.

Building on her degree in finance from a U.S. university—and on her experience in her native Brazil with international banks and investment management firms—Rachel co-founded Anumara Capital, starting up an investment fund focused on ESG principles (“which, at the time,” she notes, “was a new concept in Brazil”).

But Rachel had always wanted to return to the United States for an MBA. “I was just waiting for the right timing,” she says. Once the timing was right, there was another consideration, too: “My fiancé and I wanted to come to the same school for master’s degrees.” They agreed on Vanderbilt. For Rachel, the choice came down to several key factors: “small class size, great brand and international recognition, and a welcoming and available admissions team.” For both of them, there was also the allure of Nashville: “We had never lived here before,” she says, “and it would be a new experience.”

Once she enrolled, Rachel credits the Career Management Center with guidance that shaped her experience. “They really helped me decide what I ultimately wanted to do and where I wanted to be after my MBA.” Through her involvement with student professional and affinity clubs, she gained additional insight into the type of career path she sought—and then began to tailor her experience accordingly. Once she began her internship with Goldman Sachs, she realized that private wealth management—an area within finance with which she had no prior experience—was her direction.

“Vanderbilt allowed me to create my own path,” Rachel says. “After taking my core classes, I was able to home in on what I wanted to do with my career soon after Mod One. It’s great to know that you can change paths if you have to, and Vanderbilt offers you the resources to do that.”

On top of that, Rachel came away with a network of friends that she believes will stay with her throughout her career. “As an international student, I was surprised to find such a tight-knit community—and a tight-knit international community,” she says. “I have made not just connections but lifelong friends.”

Fun Fact: A high school basketball player, Rachel loves running and playing sports with friends.

It’s great to know that you can change paths if you have to, and Vanderbilt offers you the resources to do that.