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Blending Rationality with an Artistic Sense

Rachel Huang hopes to bring Chinese culture into fashion design

Rachel Huang
Commodities Sales Analyst, CIBC Capital Markets

Vanderbilt Accelerator 2017

There’s a balance to Rachel Huang’s approach to her college education. She chose Economics as a major, she says, “to teach me to look at the world in a rational way.” And for a second major she chose Studio Arts, which she says, “allows me to see the world from a different angle.”

Rachel’s career aspirations reflect the same balance. She wants to start her own business in a “fashion/culture-related industry.” She sees an important opportunity there. While the fashion industry is still dominated by Europe, she believes that globalization will mean that Chinese culture will have a bigger influence on fashion.

As she moves toward that goal, Rachel also developed a short-term plan: to work in consulting. “I enjoy solving problems and communicating with people,” she says, “However, I lack the hands-on experience of working on real business projects with a team.”

With five group consulting projects in four weeks, Accelerator became Rachel’s gateway to the business world. “It is one of the most challenging but rewarding things I have ever done,” she says. “I felt like a sponge every day, always absorbing new things.

“The lectures and guest speeches by the incredible mentors and professors inspired me to think about the professional path I am taking in the future and, more importantly, what kind of person I am. Working on five business projects gave me opportunities to work with different people and to learn how to be a better team player and how to layout business ideas. I am surprised to look back and think about how much I have grown not only as a professional but also as a person."

This article represents our previous 4-week programming. We’re excited to offer an accelerated 3-week experience in 2022.

Fun Fact: Despite her small size, Rachel once used the skills she had learned as a certified dance instructor to beat 80 athletes in a shot-put competition.

“I am surprised to look back and think about how much I have grown not only as a professional but also as a person.”