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Surgeon Gains New Operating Tools

Roger Passmore, M.D.
Orthopedic Surgeon, Advanced Orthopedics and Spine

Roger Passmore�??s entire career has been about hands-on experiences. For a decade, he was an orthopaedic surgeon in private practice at Nashville�??s Centennial Medical Center. So when he was ready to go back to school, �??to learn more about the business side of medicine�?� in preparation for a possible transition to administrative work, he looked for an MBA program that offered direct interaction with professors and colleagues. �??I wanted to be in a classroom setting,�?� he says, �??not doing online coursework.�?�

For Roger, Vanderbilt�??s Executive MBA was a logical choice. In addition to faculty with experience in the business of health care, Vanderbilt offered a good location and was recommended to him by alumni he knew.

�??At times the amount of work required was intense,�?� says Roger. �??But I have learned a lot I can apply in the future. The program gave me a new appreciation for the financial aspects of health care and helped me understand the appropriate criteria on which to focus as we consider business expansion.�?�

Along with leadership and organization skills he plans to use in his career, and in consulting work he plans to do in medical device or policy areas, Roger also came away with something more. �??Working closely with my small group on projects,�?� he says, �??has helped me create friendships that will last a lifetime.�?�