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Finding Her ‘In-Between’ Place

MSF helped Sarah Hubbard reflect on journey ahead

Sarah Caitlin Hubbard
Senior Analyst, Investor Relations, Roark Capital, Atlanta, GA

Vanderbilt MS Finance 2021

For Sarah Hubbard, the MSF program wasn’t only a gateway to a rewarding career in finance (although it has been that). Even more, she says, the program “was a perfect ‘in-between’ phase for me to take time to reflect on what I want my finance journey to look like moving forward, and also to have access to the tools necessary to get there.”

She notes that “the program isn’t just tailored to one or two potential careers in finance; it is just as advantageous to students considering a variety of financial fields and will definitely help them on their journey to search for their next career move.” That’s just what Sarah was seeking after graduating from the University of Georgia with a degree in accounting and then working as an investment banking analyst at William Blair.

Vanderbilt, Sarah knew, would increase her options as well as her skills. “Although this is a newer program,” she says, “it already has gained traction in the finance world. Our network of MSF alumni is extensive and relevant to those pursuing a job in the industry, and the program also provides access to the broader Owen alumni base.”

At Vanderbilt, she adds, “I’ve had the opportunity to dig into financial concepts that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise,” she says. “It sparked my interest in other financial areas.”

Of all the highlights of her time in the program, Sarah points first to the supportive people she met—classmates, professors, career management staff—who “challenge me every day to be the best version of myself.” That goes double for the women who became part of her network. “There is a great ‘women camaraderie’ feeling at Vanderbilt,” she says. “They are very supportive of one another. We are able to discuss the challenges and advantages of being a woman in business, and they continue to push and motivate me.”

Sarah also credits the program for preparing her in ways that go beyond the classroom. “In just the first couple of months,” she says, “I could already see how much the program was shaping my leadership and interpersonal skills. Most classes are structured to be group projects, which I have loved. I’ve become a better listener, learner, and leader.”

Fun Fact: Sarah can identify most birds in her home state of Georgia by sight, and many by sound.