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Pushing to Be Her Best

Sarah Gorham finds community committed to her success

Sarah Gorham
Brand Advocate Analyst, The Home Depot, Atlanta

Vanderbilt Master of Marketing 2020

Like many Master of Marketing (MMark) students, Sarah Gorham learned about the program from a friend who was already enrolled. “I heard amazing things,” she says. Ultimately, she applied only to Vanderbilt.

“Being from Nashville,” she says, “Vanderbilt had always been a goal. It was a community I really respected and wanted to be involved in. I was excited for an opportunity to be a part of it.”

Sarah was especially glad to join the community at Owen, which for her lived up to the term in the fullest sense. “I found the most amazing friends and people to really push me to be my best,” she says. “The teachers are so committed to your success. I have professors that will turn around an outstanding recommendation letter in 48 hours. I have career counselors that give me their home phone number and help me plan a networking call while they’re in the carpool lane picking up their kids from school. I’ve had MBAs offer to read over my resume, do mock interviews, and share their industry contacts.

“I’ve had so many people go above and beyond to make sure my experience was the best and most successful that it could be. Owen has given me a person for everything—from a friend for dinner recommendations in San Francisco to a friend that edits my networking emails, to professors that offer to be a support system when you have questions on the job long after graduation. I am certain that this is something that makes Owen special.”

Fun Fact: Sarah has bungee jumped over the Nile River and describes it as “one of the craziest experiences of my life.”

I found the most amazing friends and people to really push me to be my best.