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Closing the Resume Gap

Ex-pastor gains skills and credibility to advance his business career

Scott Morris
VP of Customer Success, 42Crunch

Vanderbilt Executive MBA 2023

Scott Morris describes transitioning from pastoral ministry to technology in his 40s as “a massive shift, both personally and professionally.” In the decade since that switch, he has gone on to lead teams in customer success and guided teams through IPOs and acquisitions.

Still, he says, there was a “20-year business gap on my resume” that Scott wanted to bridge. “I felt like there were a lot of conversations happening at the executive level in the companies I’ve worked at, for which I was not prepared. And I wanted to be more prepared to help organizations drive success in both their customers and their employees.”

Scott was drawn to Vanderbilt’s “concept of leaderless C-teams” and the capstone project structure, through which team members work together on a major project during the second year of the program. “I would also be disingenuous,” he adds, “if I didn’t say that the reputation of Vanderbilt is meaningful to me.”

While the capstone project remained ahead of him as he completed the first year of the program’s Global Immersion track, Scott had already begun working with classmates on a project to raise awareness and funds for humanitarian aid for people in Ukraine. “I am proud to be part of a class that cares and that executes on that care,” he says.

Meanwhile, he is already enjoying returns on his investment in the program. “It has built a new and unique confidence in me,” he says. “It has added a breadth and depth of compassion for others, and it has really expanded my frame of reference for understanding the dynamics of business and leadership.

“My peers have had an incredible impact on me already. I’ve developed rich relationships with many of my classmates. There is a rich diversity of people, backgrounds, and strengths that motivates me to do better.”

Fun Fact: Scott has recorded three studio albums and completed “The Murph”—a challenging CrossFit workout—every year since 2017.

There were a lot of conversations happening at the executive level for which I was not prepared.