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Moving Ahead With Confidence

MSF equips student to embrace ‘shift’ in finance field.

Shanice Garner
Finance Program, Vanguard

Vanderbilt MS Finance 2022

Seeking the skills in finance to complement her undergraduate major in business analytics, Shanice Garner says she chose Vanderbilt for three reasons: location (she could remain close to family); reputation (“I wanted to learn from the best”); and track record for results (“100% of the graduates get jobs with good companies”).

During her year on campus, the Chattanooga native found that some of the program’s biggest assets involved resources outside of the classroom. She particularly appreciated the Career Management Center staff. “They’re more than just career help,” Shanice says. “My career coach was there for me throughout the entire recruiting process. Whenever I needed a pep talk about an upcoming interview or pending offers, I was there. Before my interviews with Vanguard and J&J, I went to the CMC for pep talks and again for debriefing afterward. When I received my offer from Vanguard, I made an appointment with the CMC to discuss it. In addition to mock interviews, resume critique, and interview debriefs, they have been a great resource. It was great to know that there was someone there supporting you throughout your recruiting season.”

Similarly, Shanice describes her participation in the Leadership Development Program as “eye opening.” Her investment in LDP, she says, “will help in my career and in life. Upon meeting with my coach, we focused on what I would need to do to succeed in the workplace. After debriefing my Hogan assessment with my coach, we discovered that my primary focus should be on building relationships in and out of the workplace.”

As Shanice sees it, those relationship-building skills will be particularly important for a woman of color entering a field traditionally dominated by white males. “I do believe there is a shift happening where there are more women represented in finance and more female role models. Because of my time at Owen, I am more confident in my abilities as finance professional, I am more equipped for working in groups and being a part of a team, and I am better able to put myself forward.” 

Fun Fact: One of Shanice’s life goals is to volunteer at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand.

I believe there is a shift happening where there are more women represented in finance and more female role models.