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Magnifying His Medical Impact

Surgeon sees more valuable role in medical device field

Shaurya Bajpai
MBA Intern, Global Corporate Clinical Marketing, Intuitive

Vanderbilt MBA 2019

While working as a general surgery resident in his native India, Shaurya Bajpai became interested in giving patients access to new medical devices and cutting-edge treatment options. “I am passionate about bringing robotic surgery to every surgical discipline and making it a reality for every patient who can benefit from it,” he says. “I want to make surgeries more effective and less invasive.”

Then he came to a realization: By moving into the medical device field, he could have a far greater impact than as a surgeon. “I will have the opportunity,” Shaurya says, “to influence, educate, and motivate thousands of surgeons, patients, and hospital administrators.”

An MBA, he concluded, would help him make the transition from clinical medicine to medical device marketing. Vanderbilt stood out to him from the start.

“Owen is one of the best healthcare MBA programs globally,” Shaurya says. “I was impressed by how The Economist ranks Vanderbilt high in career management services and diversity of employment. Owen alums in India are senior leaders in top global [medical device] brands such as GE, Medtronic, Intuitive Surgical, and Cardinal Health. I received extremely positive feedback from all of them.”

A campus interview sealed his choice. “I loved the vibe and the inclusive culture,” Shaurya says. “Nashville stayed on my mind even though I visited five other schools. I was admitted to another top 20 school and made the final call based on my campus visit.”

During his first year in the program, Shaurya worked with a medical device startup in Israel, helping it with FDA approvals, market research, and a U.S. product launch. He describes his experience as life changing. “I have learned things at the speed of light in the last seven months,” he says. “I walked in as a clean slate, and eight months later, [I] can decipher and challenge business strategies of Fortune 500 companies. I feel fully prepared to take on the challenges the business world will throw at me.”

Fun Fact: Shaurya describes himself as an ambivert who loves to spend time at museums, cafés, busy city markets, serene mountain passes, and unexplored beaches.

I will have the opportunity to influence, educate, and motivate thousands of surgeons, patients, and hospital administrators.