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CMC helped ex-baseball player launch investment banking career

Skyler Limber
Investment Banking Analyst, SVB Securities

Vanderbilt MS Finance 2022

Skyler Limber remembers a particular bit of advice he heard at an information session about the Vanderbilt MSF program. Someone, he says, mentioned “how important the Career Management Center was to students, and how if you listen to what the CMC tells you to do, then you will get the job you want. That stuck with me and put Vanderbilt at the top of my list.”

As a college baseball player, Skyler knew that being coachable translated to success on the field—and he knew the value of coaching for player development. “The resources available to MSF students and the network that Owen has created over the years are simply unmatched,” he says—a claim that he found to be validated in the program’s career outcomes.

Though he had majored in finance in college, Skyler was looking to develop deeper skills through more advanced classes that, he believed, “would give me a leg up once I started working.” In addition, as an athlete who understood that there was no substitute for “game experience,” he prized the opportunities offered at Vanderbilt to immerse himself in real-world finance work.

“In my internship,” he says, “I was the lead analyst on a capital raise in the tens of millions of dollars. This was an incredible opportunity for an intern like me, as I was able to learn by doing instead of just doing repetitive tasks. I learned even more in that role than I did in any class. Learning by doing—even if you don’t feel quite ready—is a great way to master something.”

Skyler credits the CMC with helping him make his way. “They are always looking out for you,” he says. They’re always available, whether it’s a mock interview, to discuss career options and goals, salary discussions, job search—anything you need help with.”

Now, Skyler believes he gained the foundation for a strong start to his career. “Coming out of undergrad, I did not entirely know what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go with my career,” he says. “With the help of classmates, the CMC, and the amazing alumni network, I grew more confident, gained a stronger finance skillset, and felt very prepared to enter the workforce.”

Fun Fact: In college, Skyler was a Division I baseball player at Pepperdine University.

If you listen to what the CMC tells you to do, then you will get the job you want.