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Opening Her Eyes

MAcc educated Susanne Boyden on career possibilities

Susanne Boyden (EY)
Assurance Staff, EY, San Francisco

Vanderbilt MAcc Assurance 2021

Before she ever considered the MAcc program at Vanderbilt, Susanne Boyden knew she wanted to be a CPA. She had already accumulated units toward sitting for the CPA exam. But she needed more. “I thought having a graduate degree would open many more doors for my future,” she says.

She also had a good idea of what she was looking for in a program. “Vanderbilt,” Susanne says, “checked all the boxes. It was the perfect fit. First, it was a one-year program, and most schools don’t have an accelerated program. Next, the CPAs were embedded into the program, and I wanted to have my CPAs completed before I started work. Also, Vanderbilt is a phenomenal school with a great reputation, and I know the connections I have made will help me in the future. I also thought the leadership development aspect was unique and thought it would be super beneficial. Finally, I thought Nashville would be a fun city to live in.”

For all of her focus on developing her accounting skills, Susanne found that the experiences at Vanderbilt that shaped her most involved less tangible qualities. “The program has helped develop my soft skills, as we continually have presentations and interviews. And we are meeting professionals, which opened my eyes to various career paths after auditing.”

The Leadership Development Program, she says, “has highlighted certain areas that I need to work on to become a better professional and has helped me develop skills such as public speaking and navigating various business situations, which will be crucial for my future career.”

And her favorite class at Vanderbilt was Launching the Venture—an MBA course with an entrepreneurial focus that appealed to Susanne, as she was coming to appreciate the various doors in business that a MAcc degree could open. “I feel like my experience here has opened my eyes to all the career opportunities available,” she says.

Fun Fact: Susanne, a collegiate tennis player, is now an avid runner whose goal is to run a half-marathon in every state.

My experience here has opened my eyes to all the career opportunities available.