The MBA admissions team answers frequently asked questions about the application process and how to make your app stand out

With application season in full swing and deadlines on the horizon, our MBA admissions team joined This is Vanderbilt Business to get answers on a variety of frequently asked questions, many of which apply to any business school application. We talk about a variety of items on applicants and prospective applicants minds (minute marker in parenthesis):

  • Defining cultural “fit” at Vanderbilt (1:35)
  • GMAT or GRE? (3:00)
  • What to expect in an interview and how to prepare (4:30)
  • How to make the most of your video essay (5:00)
  • Asking supervisors for recommendations and letting them know about business school aspirations (5:40)
  • Campus visits — yes or no? (6:40)
  • How to prepare your resume for applications (7:50)
  • No prior business education, no problem? (8:35)
  • Scholarships (9:50)
  • The waitlist (11:30)
  • Advice on preparing applications (12:20)

For international applicants, Kim Killingsworth shares her thoughts on a few specific subjects:

  • How to distinguish yourself as an international candidate (15:05)
  • Advice for international candidates as they prepare for the application process — test-taking and essay writing (17:05)
  • What does Vanderbilt look for in an international candidate? (18:50)

For more information, visit our MBA admissions page.



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