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MBA Class of 2021 Profile

  • 147 Class Size
  • 21-36 Age Range
  • 5.3 Mean Years of Work Experience
  • 680 Median GMAT Score
  • 3.36 Median Undergraduate GPA


Business school is a significant investment in your personal and professional development – a Vanderbilt MBA is an investment worth making. We are committed to helping students afford the Vanderbilt MBA program by offering scholarships and low-interest loan opportunities.

However you choose to finance your MBA, know that the competitive post-MBA jobs our students secure often make the loan payback period significantly shorter. In fact, our graduates from the class of 2019 recorded the highest salaries in our history—annual average base pay reached $118,888.


We encourage you to apply as early as possible.

Round 1

Deadline to Apply- Oct. 14, 2019

Decisions Released- Dec. 13, 2019

Deposit Deadline- Jan 17, 2020

Round 2

Deadline to Apply- Jan. 6, 2020

Decisions Released- Mar. 27, 2020

Deposit Deadline- Apr. 20, 2020

Round 3

Deadline to Apply- April 6, 2020*

Decisions Released- May 4, 2020

Deposit Deadline- May 18, 2020

Priority consideration for Scholars Day and Diversity Scholarships is given to those who apply by Jan. 6, 2020, Round 2.

*Because we cannot ensure that admitted international candidates will be able to secure their visas in time to start the program, we are no longer accepting applications from international candidates for Fall 2020.

In response to the global spread of the coronavirus, Vanderbilt MBA is waiving the $200 application fee for Round 3 applicants. Due to the temporary suspension of GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, or IELTS testing in countries affected by the coronavirus, we are temporarily accepting self-reported test scores for admissions consideration and will work with you if you have had your exams cancelled (official scores will be due upon admission). Please contact if your test has been cancelled and you have concerns. Students are encouraged to take advantage of virtual testing options, including the GRE (available March 27) and the TOEFL (available March 26).

You can view Vanderbilt University’s most updated response to COVID-19 here.

In light of the current situation, we have added Round 4 to our application cycle. Please see information below for details.

Round 4 Application Deadline

To help navigate the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19), Vanderbilt MBA is offering a new Round 4 deadline

Round 4

Deadline to Apply- June 1, 2020*

Decisions Released- June 15, 2020

Deposit Deadline- June 30, 2020

Vanderbilt MBA is waiving the application fee and test score requirements for Round 4 applicants. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, beginning May 5, with applicants receiving an admissions decision within a week of application completion. The last deadline to apply for Fall 2020 entry is June 1, 2020.  

We hope that this additional application round will alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty for candidates who may be beginning to consider business school for the Fall 2020 term in this uniquely challenging environment.

Round 4 applicants with valid GMAT or GRE scores are encouraged to submit them. Applicants who are still interested in taking a test for future admission rounds are encouraged to look into virtual testing options provided for the GMAT or GRE. Qualified candidates who are admitted to the program without a test score may be asked to complete additional pre-work before the start of the school year.

*Because we cannot ensure that admitted international candidates applying during Round 4 will be able to secure their visas in time to start the program, we are no longer accepting applications from international candidates for Fall 2020.


Congratulations on deciding to advance your career with a master of business administration (MBA) degree!

Find out what makes the Vanderbilt MBA unique. Visit the Vanderbilt Advantage. If you need more convincing, discover more about MBA career paths and support available at Vanderbilt.

Below you will find the basics of the Vanderbilt admissions process. As we evaluate applications, we apply a holistic and balanced approach. We will be looking for success in several main areas of your life: academic potential, professional experience, career goals, personal qualities and fit. Click here for more detailed instructions on how to apply. If you have any questions during the admissions process, please contact us.

Start or continue your application process today. We look forward to seeing your application and learning more about you!

Explore the links below for our general admissions criteria and details on how to apply. Then, please complete your online application.




In addition to being a top-ranked MBA program that will help you achieve your career goals, Vanderbilt prides itself on being military-friendly and providing an environment and programs especially suited to military candidates. Check out our resources available to military candidates to get started.


Vanderbilt values the worldview international students bring to our program. In addition to a dedicated International Recruiting and Relations Director, we offer resources and scholarships specifically for international candidates.

Because we cannot ensure that admitted international candidates will be able to secure their visas in time to start the program, we are no longer accepting applications from international candidates for Fall 2020.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Vanderbilt is a place where you will be challenged to achieve your potential, find support as you shape your future, discover lifelong friends and mentors and open doors to new possibilities. Find out more about diversity and inclusion at Vanderbilt here.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is the current plan for school to start in the fall 2020?

First day of Mod 1 class is Monday, August 17. We are currently working on Orientation to be 5 days (the International Student Business Program portion to be the first 2 days of Orientation). Timing of Orientation is scheduled for early August.

Q. When should I arrive in Nashville to start school this fall?

You should plan to start your apartment/house lease on August 1, 2020.

Q. A big part of the Vanderbilt Business program is the experiential learning and global experiences. What does this look like for the fall?

We understand that travel, both domestically and especially globally, has been disrupted. We hope to be able to move forward with global travel later in the fall, but travel and experiential learning happens both globally and locally. Our Turner Family Center and Center for Entrepreneurship are working on local micro-immersion projects to provide a service to our community and to let our students delve into meaningful experiences right here in our backyard.

Q. As an international student, if I’m not able to get to the US in August, how will I start my MBA classes?

We will wholeheartedly support our international students as you are an integral part of our incoming class. However, if you are not able to make it to campus for this new start date, we are prepared.   Our goal is to offer an option in which you can begin the program online, with your classmates who are on campus, and then join everyone in Nashville as soon as you are able.  

Q. What will on-campus recruiting look like in the fall for Owen? Will companies be coming?

We will be opening the recruiting calendar in mid-May for recruiters to book in their dates for information sessions and other events and plan their engagements.   We have already heard from recruiters that they are hoping to schedule their recruiting events as close to normal timeframes as possible, with events on campus (hopefully) beginning in September.  However, depending on travel and other restrictions, recruiters will likely be working on options to engage with students virtually throughout the fall.   We have the technology to support virtual recruiting, so we will be working with the recruiters as they develop their plans.

Q. Will students be able to travel for Fall Treks or Career Fairs for recruiting purposes?

We would envision that for the recruiting events that would happen in early fall that these would most likely happen in a virtual format.

Q. Is there still time to submit an application?

We have waived our application fee for the remainder of the year and added a Round 4 deadline for those prospective students who may be just beginning to consider business school for the Fall 2020 term. Round 4 applications will be considered on a rolling basis leading up to June 1 application deadline.

Q. Are there merit-based scholarships available in Round 4?

Yes. The application for admission is the same as the application for scholarship and all candidates will be evaluated for both admission and scholarship simultaneously.

Q. I have been unable to schedule a GMAT or GRE. What are my options?

For round 4 candidates, we are waiving the GMAT/GRE test requirement. For those candidates who apply without a GMAT or GRE, admission may be conditional based on the completion of a quantitative preparation course prior to enrollment in the program.

Q. If I have a test score other than a GMAT/GRE to submit (like an SAT/ACT), will that help my application?

Yes. Submitting a supplemental standardized test score can strengthen your application and showcase your academic potential. Upon submission of your application, you will have the ability to upload any supplemental test scores as additional material.

Q. How will you assess my application without a test score?

We thoughtfully evaluate every aspect of the application. For those candidates without a test score, we will analyze transcripts, work experience, and any supplemental materials to ensure we are evaluating each candidate’s academic potential.

Q. Are you accepting international applications in Round 4?

Because we cannot ensure that admitted international candidates applying during Round 4 will be able to secure their visas in time to start the program, we are no longer accepting applications from international candidates for Fall 2020.

Q. Can I still come for a visit?

We regret we are unable to offer you an in-person on-campus visit experience and are offering the opportunity to connect with us virtually. The Vanderbilt MBA Virtual Campus Visit experience consists of an interview, a Career Management Center overview, a 30-minute chat with a current student, and the chance to connect with your Recruiting Manager. Click here for more information. In addition, we host a weekly “Admissions 101” webinar each Wednesday at 1:00 PM (CT) to offer tips for prospective students who are new to the b-school process. Click here to register for an upcoming webinar.

Q. Will my decision be delayed?

No. Our team is working diligently to provide decisions on time. Round 3 candidates with a completed application will receive a decision on May 4, 2020. Round 4 applications will be considered on a rolling basis with applicants will be provided a decision within a week of application completion.

Admissions Criteria

Q. Does the Vanderbilt MBA program accept transfer students or transfer credits?

No. Most top business schools do not accept transfer students or transfer credits. If we do admit an individual who is already enrolled in another full-time MBA program, we will not accept transfer credits. The student will be expected to complete all 62 credits required for the Vanderbilt MBA degree.

Q. My spouse/partner and I are applying and plan to enroll together. Will you evaluate our applications together or separately?

The Admissions Committee considers each candidate individually. Admission is always based on individual credentials.

Q. Does a particular academic or professional background give me any advantage in the admissions process?

No. We seek students from a wide variety of backgrounds. Diversity in all forms—academic, professional, cultural, ethnic, gender, geographic, socioeconomic and so on—is an important component of the Vanderbilt MBA experience.

Q. Does the Vanderbilt MBA program require calculus, statistics or other quantitative courses as prerequisites?

No, there are no specific prerequisites. However, candidates with little or no business background are strongly urged to review algebra 2, statistics, basic finance, accounting and/or economic principles. Our program is highly quantitative in the first year, so to prepare for this, quantitative pre-work will ensure that you are successful in those classes. The Admissions Committee looks for a variety of abilities in all applicants, including critical thinking and analytical skills, communication abilities and interpersonal and leadership skills. Most students who have successfully completed introductory courses in college-level calculus and statistics find that they are adequately prepared to meet the quantitative demands of the program. Before classes start, Vanderbilt offers optional online reviews for incoming MBA students who want additional preparation. Click here for a detailed explanation of our admissions criteria.

Q. What kind of work experience does the Admissions Committee consider?

All kinds, but only full-time post baccalaureate work experience is counted in the official statistics we report. When we evaluate your application, we consider all full-time work, military experience, part-time work, internships, co-op assignments, summer jobs and volunteer work.

Q. If I already completed an MBA or similar degree from another school, in or out of the U.S., am I still eligible for admission?

No. Vanderbilt does not admit applicants seeking a second MBA degree or similar graduate management degree, regardless of where the first was obtained. Exempt from this policy are master's degrees that focus on a specific functional area of business (such as accounting, finance or management information systems) and do not offer a broad general management curriculum typical of the MBA degree.

Q. Does the Vanderbilt MBA program accept a 3-year undergraduate degree?

A three (3) year degree (B.Com, B.A. or B. Sc) will be accepted when accompanied by a WES evaluation certifying that the degree is equivalent to a four-year U.S. Bachelor's degree. Alternatively, applicants may complete the Chartered Accountancy Designation or the Chartered Financial Analyst Designation OR at least one year of a Master's of Commerce degree program to compliment the three-year degree. If you have questions, please contact Kim Killingsworth, Director of International Recruiting & Relations.

Events & Visits

Q. I live in the U.S. but prefer not to travel to Nashville until I know I have been admitted. Will failure to visit negatively affect my candidacy?

No. In general, you are encouraged to visit campus at least once because it is the best way to introduce yourself to members of the Owen community and to learn about the Vanderbilt MBA program, the university and Nashville. If you have not visited campus before receiving an offer of admission, we strongly encourage you to visit before you make a final decision about attending Vanderbilt. Most candidates prefer to visit during the academic year while classes are in session. However, we encourage you to visit at any time.

Q. May I schedule more than one class visit?

It depends. The availability of hosts, suitability of classes, number of visitors and other demands on our resources often make it difficult to arrange for you to attend more than one class during your campus visit. Our graduate assistants will work with you to make sure you get the most out of your visit to Vanderbilt.

Q. Can I specify the subject for the class I will attend during my campus visit?

Our graduate assistants will try to organize your visit around your individual background, interests and goals. The unpredictability of your travel schedule, the availability of student hosts and the activities of a certain class on any given day prevent us from guaranteeing that we will be able to fulfill everyone's desires all of the time. Regardless of the class you attend, the host you meet or the duration of your stay, we know you will find your visit to Vanderbilt to be a pleasant and productive experience.

Q. How do I get to Nashville?

Click here for directions to Nashville and Vanderbilt. Click here for a campus map.

Q. How should I dress for my campus visit?

Our guests usually wear business professional attire when interviewing. Otherwise, most campus visitors wear business casual attire.

Q. With whom will I meet while visiting Vanderbilt?

During a personalized campus visit, you will be introduced to a student host, who will take you to his or her class, introduce you to faculty and fellow students and accompany you to lunch. After lunch, you can participate in a small group discussion with a member of our Career Management Center. You can arrange an evaluative interview or information session with a member of the Admissions Committee as a part of your visit.

Q. Do I have to complete an evaluative interview during my campus visit?

Many applicants consider it ideal to complete an admissions interview while visiting campus; however, it is not required. You may skip the evaluative interview during your visit, or you may replace it with an informational meeting with a member of the Admissions Committee. When limited interview slots are available, priority is given to the most competitive applicants.