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Vanderbilt graduates bring a commitment to excellence, innovation, and collaboration that make them ideal candidates for an MBA. Because employers expect MBA hires to have several years of post-undergraduate professional experience, Vanderbilt Business developed the VU2MBA program, which allows undergraduate Vanderbilt students to apply to the Vanderbilt MBA program during their senior year and enroll after gaining work experience. After spending two to four years working in the private, public, or non-profit sector, admitted students come back to Vanderbilt and begin their MBA classes.

Benefits to the VU2MBA Program



Application Instructions

VU2MBA applicants are accepted from graduating seniors beginning in the spring of their senior year during Round 3 and Round 4.

When you begin your MBA application please select “VU2MBA” as your program type on the program information page. Then complete all components of the MBA application, which include:

  • official GMAT or GRE scores,
  • letter of recommendation,
  • required short-answer written essays,
  • video essay,
  • unofficial transcript,
  • resume, and
  • an evaluative interview.

For a complete listing of application instructions, please view our How to Apply page.

What do I need to know about enrolling?

  • In order to enroll, after graduation you must spend a minimum of two years (maximum four years) in a professional position in the public, private, or nonprofit sector.
  • Avoid employment gaps other than typical 2-4-week transition times from graduation to work and between work and return to the Vanderbilt MBA program. Admissions staff will evaluate any extraordinary employment circumstances causing longer than a 4-week gap (e.g., company layoff or closure) on a case-by-case basis.
  • If offered admission, you will be asked to submit a non-refundable deposit of $500 to secure your place in the program. In the year that you plan to matriculate, your application will be reviewed for scholarship, you will be issued an updated offer letter and you will be asked to submit an additional $2,000 deposit to secure your spot in the class. Admissions deposits are credited to your student account the year that you matriculate.


The Recruiting and Admissions team streamlined the process and made every step, from essays to interviews, easy. By working with me one-on-one during the admissions process, the Recruiting and Admissions team demonstrated the personal nature that makes the Vanderbilt MBA unique.

Alex BrewerVU2MBA Applicant
Vanderbilt MBA Class of 2022