If you want an MBA after working a few years and you’d like to become a “Double Dore,” consider applying for the VU2MBA your senior year as a Vanderbilt undergraduate. This is an admissions application option for VU seniors to apply to the MBA Program; it is not a distinct MBA program on its own.

Through the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management (OGSM), Vanderbilt University graduating seniors may apply in the spring of their senior year or within two months post-graduation for the MBA program under the VU2MBA. Admissions are conditional upon completing a 2-3 year qualifying work experience. The advantages are:

  1. Informational coaching by the OGSM Admissions team your senior year at Vanderbilt to clarify your career goals and ideal pre-MBA experiences.
  2. Taking the GMAT while you are a senior, when your testing skills and recent coursework will help you optimize your test results. For this reason, the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) historically has given undergrads special pricing ($150) to take the GMAT while still in undergraduate school. The GMAT is good for five years.
  3. Securing your in-person interview with OGSM staff while you are still on Vanderbilt’s campus.
  4. Making a defined plan to begin your MBA studies before life “gets in the way.”
  5. Transitioning readily back to school after 2-3 years of experience when you and/or your employer believe your career needs the additional educational boost. (Example: Many consulting jobs require analysts to return for the MBA before promotion to senior consultant.)

“The VU2MBA early decision process allows Vanderbilt seniors to start planning for the future. Advantages are: reduced price to take the GMAT exam while still in school; career advice from our MBA career counselors; no extra time or stress to finish application while working; introduction to the Vanderbilt MBA network.”

Christie St-John, Director of MBA Recruiting and Admissions


To qualify for application you must:

1. When you begin your application please select “VU2MBA” as your program type on the program information page.

2. You will then have an additional application page (VU2MBA) to complete in the online application.

3. Prove high academic achievement on your VU transcript including strong grades especially in quantitative and business-related courses.

4. Achieve a GMAT score of 700 or higher.

5. Have completed 1 or more qualifying internships and secured a qualifying entry-level job prior to finalizing your application, such as:

  • Analyst at a premier consulting firm or investment bank
  • Analyst, sales or rotational position at a Fortune 500 company
  • Entry-level college job with a successful entrepreneurial venture
  • Out-of-country transformative life experience

6. Complete an application (including interview) in:

A. Admissions Round 4 (app deadline April 6, 2020; decision released by May 11, 2020), or

B. August in the year you graduate from Vanderbilt (decision released within 2 weeks of completing summer application).

7. Avoid employment gaps other than typical 2-4 week transition times from graduation to work and between work and return to the Vanderbilt MBA program. Admissions staff will evaluate any extraordinary employment circumstances causing longer than a 4-week gap (e.g., company layoff or closure) on a case-by-case basis.


If you secure deferred admission under the VU2MBA admissions option, you must:

  • Secure your place in a future MBA class via the required deposit of $2,500 for VU2MBA by the May 22, 2020 deadline.
  • The year you have obtained the required VU2MBA pre-MBA experience and plan to matriculate, submit a second Deferred Deposit of $500 by January 5 of your enrollment year.
  • If possible, in the Spring of intended enrollment, attend the Admitted Students Welcome Weekend to meet your incoming MBA classmates.
  • As always, stay in touch with your assigned Admission Advisor periodically so that you do not miss deadlines and opportunities before returning as a Double Dore in the Vanderbilt MBA program.




Q. Why did Vanderbilt's Owen Graduate School of Business start the VU2MBA admissions option for VU seniors?

We created the VU2MBA to support the new Vanderbilt Minor in Business. MBA employment demand changed significantly over the past 10 years. MBA employers expect MBA hires to have several years of post-undergraduate professional experience. B-schools, including Vanderbilt, responded to the market need for entry-level talent with specialized skills. Our one-year specialized masters programs provide the education and professional development needed to launch a career in business. If you want to continue your education just after undergrad, Vanderbilt OGSM offers four Specialized Masters Programs: MAcc Assurance, MAcc Valuation, MS Finance and Master of Marketing.

Q. How is the VU2MBA admissions offering different from the 3/2 program?

VU2MBA is an admissions application option, not a degree program, offered by Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management only for graduating Vanderbilt University seniors. Those admitted have a postponed MBA enrollment. Candidates finish the Vanderbilt University undergrad degree under a normal schedule (usually four years), work full-time to obtain mandatory work experience for two-three years and then start the two-year Vanderbilt MBA.

We no longer offer the 3/2 MBA program.