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Announcing the Launch of The Vanderbilt Marketing Hub

Mar 19, 2018
New website showcases the faculty, student, and alumni resources of marketing at Vanderbilt

By Nathaniel Luce

The Vanderbilt Marketing Hub, an initiative led by Vanderbilt Business marketing faculty in conjunction with a student advisory board, has formally launched their digital headquarters.

The Hub is built on a three-pronged mission of education, engagement, and connection. Tailored to alumni, current students, and prospective students, it offers information on marketing-related programming, research, and career development that provides a holistic view of marketing ecosystem at Management Hall.

“The Vanderbilt Marketing Hub is designed to service Vanderbilt scholars ­— past, present and future — who are interested in understanding the ever-evolving role of marketing within the organization,” says Kelly Goldsmith, Associate Professor of Marketing.

“We seek to provide relevant content to a wide range of individuals within the broader Vanderbilt community: from undergrads, looking to understand how they can learn more about possible careers in marketing, to Owen alumni who have had successful careers in marketing and are looking to help cultivate the next generation of leaders.”

For prospective students, the site offers information on curriculum, career paths, and marketing faculty. The Insights section highlights recent academic research and an overview of Vanderbilt. Current students can plan their coursework, learn about events around campus, and identify opportunities for in-school projects and independent studies. Alumni can catch up on news about fellow alums. The site also provides points of contact and request forms for individuals or organizations with project and sourcing needs.

Kelly Goldsmith

“In the past, marketing students at Vanderbilt had a variety of different groups whom they could leverage to advance their careers, from the Career Management Center (CMC), to the Vanderbilt Marketing Association (VMA), to the individual marketing faculty,” explains Goldsmith. “The Vanderbilt Marketing Hub integrates the unique capabilities of these different organizations into one platform that allows students to understand the breadth of opportunities available to them in real time, and to capitalize on the opportunities that best match their needs.”

To learn more about what The Vanderbilt Marketing Hub has to offer, or get involved with marketing at Vanderbilt, visit the website here.

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