Visitor Policy

Individuals, including prospective students, faculty, staff and postdoctoral fellows, non-Vanderbilt interns and observers, recruiters, and family members of students, faculty and staff—among others—are regrettably not permitted in campus buildings at this time, unless specific permission has been granted in advance by the appropriate university office, dean or vice chancellor.

Guests may be invited to speak in a classroom or at an academic event, if approved by the Office of the Dean at Owen. Each guest must follow all Vanderbilt University policies and protocols:

  1. Guests must be sponsored by a member of the faculty or staff.
  2. ​​Inform the Owen Office of the Dean of your intent to bring a guest to campus, including the date, time and purpose of the visit.
  3. Provide the guest with the Visitor Acknowledgement Training and ask the guest to provide written acknowledgement of agreement to the Office of the Dean.