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Is a Master of Marketing Worth It?

Nov 6, 2020
Learn about the Master of Marketing degree and how it can help you land a marketing job after graduation

By Emily Scott

If you are a recent graduate or a young professional interested in marketing, you may wonder if a Master of Marketing degree can help you get the kinds of jobs you want to pursue. Below, Suzanne Feinstein, Director of the Vanderbilt Business Master of Marketing program, answers some common applicant questions about the program to help potential students determine if a Master of Marketing is worth it for them.

How will the Master of Marketing degree add to my previous education?

The Master of Marketing degree is built to prepare students to enter the marketing field, even if they have no prior marketing experience. Most students are either recent college graduates or young professionals with only 1-2 years of work experience. “In 10 months, students take courses in all areas of marketing, allowing them to pursue jobs in marketing that best suit their skills and passions, and also pivot into other marketing roles in their careers,” Feinstein said.

What classes do Master of Marketing students take?

Master of Marketing students take MBA-level courses to prepare them for a marketing career after graduation. Some examples of classes they take at Vanderbilt Business include Marketing Communications, Pricing Strategies, New Product Development, Digital Marketing Strategy, Brand Management, Statistics for Marketing, and Industrial Immersion. Students also have the opportunity to apply the concepts they learn in the classroom to real-world marketing problems through hands-on experiences like BrandWeek and internships.

This photo shows Suzanne Feinstein, Director of Master of Marketing program, on campus

Suzanne Feinstein, Director of Master of Marketing program

Classes in the program are usually discussion-based, involving highly interactive group projects where students can learn how to work successfully in a team. “Students get a well-rounded marketing education through coursework in advertising, sales, consumer behavior, analytics, social media, digital marketing, and more. Students take a deep dive into the industries and companies of interest to them through 2 immersion experiences. They also have mentorship opportunities with Vanderbilt MBA students through shared student organizations and peer coaching,” Feinstein said.

Are there resources in the Master of Marketing program to help me decide on an industry to work in?

The Career Management Center works with students individually to help explore potential career paths in marketing. “Students have a career coach who guides them to explore various marketing career paths,” Feinstein said. The Owen Leadership Development Program also helps students develop unique leadership skills that will be useful in a future career. Many students also take on internships during the program to help them discover roles they like (and don’t like) and further refine their future career paths. Students can also connect with alumni from both Vanderbilt Business and Vanderbilt at large to learn more about potential marketing careers.

What are some common jobs after graduation for Master of Marketing students?

After graduation, many students secure entry-level marketing jobs in a wide range of industries, from beauty to financial services. Some sample job titles include marketing analyst, account manager, digital marketing specialist, assistant brand manager, media and content marketing strategist, and social media specialist. If you’d like to delve further into what jobs program graduates pursue, check out our guide, “What Jobs Can You Get With a Master of Marketing Degree?

Is a Master of Marketing worth it for me?

For aspiring marketing professionals looking to launch their career, a Master of Marketing can help open up more career opportunities and give them the skills they need to secure a high potential job. “The program is so valuable for many reasons. Students build connections with classmates, professors, and other members of the Owen community that last a lifetime,” Feinstein said. “One of my favorite parts of my job is seeing the transformation from the day I interview them for the program, listening to their hopes, dreams, and goals, to a year later, when I hear them speak confidently as alumni to a new class of students. It is so rewarding.”

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