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How I Got the Job: Interactive Analyst, Accenture

May 26, 2021
Estée Park (MMark’21) broke into digital experience consulting at Accenture Interactive

By Heream Yang

Estée Park

Estée Park

When Estée Park (MMark’21) graduated from the University of Notre Dame with degrees in Marketing and Spanish, she knew she wanted to pursue a marketing career, but she wasn’t sure whether to look for roles on the brand side, agency side, or in consulting. Fortunately, a chance encounter at the grocery store helped her scope out her next steps. 

Park’s mother ran into one of her high school friends at the grocery store and learned that she was completing a Master of Marketing (MMark) degree at Vanderbilt. She immediately texted Park about the program, and after doing some research, Park decided that earning her Master of Marketing was the perfect next step. “I was really attracted to how career-focused the MMark program was,” Park said. “I saw that there were a lot of resources that the CMC (Career Management Center) offered that I could utilize, and I thought that it would be a great opportunity for career discernment for me.”

It didn’t take long for Park to figure out her career path. During orientation, Park discovered that she enjoyed her case assignments, in which she analyzed real-world business problems and formulated strategy recommendations. After speaking with Emily Anderson, Senior Director at the CMC, Park realized that her interest in business cases translated well into a consulting career. “I really enjoyed the whole process of working through real-world case situations and getting to hear a different company’s story every week,” Park explained. 

Park successfully secured a full-time position as an Interactive Analyst at Accenture, where she will be working in their Interactive group to guide clients in digital transformation, customer experience, and digital marketing. “What I’m most excited about is the opportunity to work with some really cool brands and be on the forefront of really interesting technology,” Park said.

Click through the timeline below to find out how Park landed her offer.

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