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How Will a Master of Marketing Help Me in My Career Path?

Aug 18, 2021
Master of Marketing students gain the skills needed to excel in the workplace and adapt to the ever-changing marketing landscape.

By Mackenzie Burckbuchler

Whether you are a recent college graduate with a marketing background or a young professional looking to pivot into business, a Master of Marketing degree can help you accelerate your career path. Master of Marketing students gain the skills needed to excel in the workplace and adapt to the ever-changing marketing landscape.

Who should enroll in a Master of Marketing program?

Master of Marketing students come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Even if you do not hold an undergraduate degree in business, a Master of Marketing program should equip you with essential marketing skills and concepts that can be applied across industries and marketing functions. 

At Vanderbilt, coursework offers exposure into several functional areas of marketing, including consumer insights, sales, consumer behavior, analytics, digital marketing, social media, and brand management. “Throughout the program, students hone in on functional areas that appeal to them most,” says Vanderbilt Master of Marketing Director Suzanne Feinstein

How will a Master of Marketing program prepare me for a marketing career?

Classes often provide students with opportunities for experiential learning that complements learning in the classroom. Vanderbilt Master of Marketing students solve real-world marketing problems and gain valuable hands-on experience in a collaborative environment that mimics the professional world.

Students can also build their resumes and enhance their professional skills through internships during the school year or involvement in on-campus organizations. Many students pursue internships as an opportunity to explore different functions and industries. “It is a great way to put what you are learning into practice,” explains Feinstein.

How will a Master of Marketing Help me in my Career Path?

Suzanne Feinstein

Many marketing programs offer career support to prepare students for the job search and interview processes, but the depth and breadth of those services can vary. It’s important to understand the role that a program’s career services team plays for students as you consider your options.

For instance, in the summer before matriculation, Vanderbilt Master of Marketing students receive career exploration, resume building, and interview preparation guidance. This support continues throughout the year, with 1:1 career coaching, employer contacts, job postings, and career workshops. “Our program provides you with the graduate-level skills, knowledge, and experiences that help you obtain higher potential jobs and stand out in a competitive job market,” said Feinstein.

What kind of job can I get with a Master of Marketing degree?

The career possibilities for a Master of Marketing graduate can be robust. “More and more employers are looking for the specific skill sets and experiences that you will get with the Master of Marketing,” said Feinstein.

Common job titles for Master of Marketing graduates include Global Marketing Coordinator, Customer Growth and Success Coordinator, Brand & Product Marketing Manager, Analyst, and Brand and Content Marketing Lead. Graduates also enter a variety of industries, including technology, consumer products, healthcare, and beauty. Graduates also take client services positions at marketing agencies or go to work for consulting firms. 

Feinstein notes that students have to consider the career trajectory and exploration that comes with particular roles. “Students may choose to apply for roles within a company – commonly known as the ‘client side’ – or at a marketing agency. If you are passionate about a particular industry, such as food or fashion, working for a company allows you to follow your interests. Students who are still exploring industries may want to work for an agency, where you can work with different clients and industries. Most students start in an account executive role, managing client accounts. They get to try different kinds of marketing work, including account management, writing, social media, digital advertising, even graphic design, either doing it themselves or by observing others.”

The value of a Master of Marketing degree can be judged in part by career outcomes. The Vanderbilt Master of Marketing Class of 2020 earned an average base salary of $63,166. Emily Anderson, Senior Director of the Career Management Center at Vanderbilt Business, sums up the value of a Master of Marketing degree nicely: “Graduates have accepted a variety of fantastic marketing roles that launched their careers as marketing professionals.”


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