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How I Got the Job: Consulting Analyst, Accenture

Mar 2, 2022
Riley Blair (MMark‘22) prepares for a career in consulting

By Mackenzie Burckbuchler

Riley Blair

In May 2021, Riley Blair graduated from Wake Forest University, where she majored in Communications and pursued minors in Art History and Entrepreneurship. Blair networked during her senior year and learned about various career paths in the business world. As she spoke with business professionals, she developed an interest in consulting. Blair decided pursuing a Master’s degree would prepare her for a rewarding and successful consulting career. 

During a trip to Nashville that spring to visit friends, Blair fell in love with the city and Vanderbilt’s campus. As she learned more about the Master of Marketing program at Vanderbilt, she realized the program was a perfect fit.  

“I like to call it the 3 Cs. First, the curriculum was really comprehensive, focusing on a lot of different Marketing aspects. The program includes analytics courses, which intrigued me. Second, the community was small and close-knit, and it was all collaborative group work, which would help me learn best. Third, the career paths aligned with my needs. Alumni of the program work at great companies that interest me. This was a great segue way into a rewarding career,” says Blair. 

Once she arrived at Vanderbilt, Blair proactively researched companies and applied to jobs. As she prepared for case interviews and early deadlines, she made use of Vanderbilt’s resources. When the Career Management Center (CMC) hosted David Orvhall for a “Crack the Case” workshop, Blair took advantage of this opportunity. As she continued applying to roles, she remembered a conversation she had with an Accenture employee in the past and reached back out to rekindle that connection. From there, Blair immediately advanced into Accenture’s Consulting Development Program’s final interview round. 

During the interview, Blair had the opportunity to present on how technology is changing an industry. She discussed the impact of extended reality on the automotive industry and answered questions. Blair’s performance ultimately earned her an offer from the company. 

Throughout the interview and negotiation process, Kathleen Rall, Associate Director, CMC Coach, listened to Blair and offered sound advice. In September, Rall connected Blair with current Accenture Interactive Analyst Esteé Park (MMark‘21) who offered clarity and advice. Blair credits Rall with helping guide her through each stage: “Every time I got an email or update, I sought advice from Kathleen. I really used her as a sounding board, and she helped me through negotiations as well.”

Having accepted the job, Blair firmly believes she is well prepared. Collaborative group work during BrandWeek and in every class thus far has helped Blair learn and develop a deeper appreciation for the business world.

“Coming to Vanderbilt, I noticed a shift in the group work environment from what I experienced in undergrad. There is a new energy and excitement because students in the program want to be here. This passion leads to more contribution and active listening. I collaborate with students; we all have good ideas and know how to work together.”  

In the fall, Blair will begin her career as a Consulting Analyst at Accenture in their New York office. Click through the timeline below to see a visual of how Riley Blair got the job.

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