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Faculty Spotlight: Roxanne Jaffe

Sep 19, 2022
New Assistant Professor of Strategy studies the impact of location and competition, on firms’ strategic choices

By Lacie Blankenship

Vanderbilt Business welcomes Roxanne Jaffe, Assistant Professor of Strategy, as one of 6 new additions to the faculty this fall.  

RoxanneJaffeJaffe’s research broadly focuses on strategy, international business, location choice and agglomeration, and industrial organizational economics. Specifically, Jaffe studies how firms, competition, and geographic locations impact strategic choices, such as when and where to expand domestically and internationally. Her research interests are partly inspired by her upbringing.

“Being from an academic family, we were constantly traveling for international conferences, sabbatical, or Fulbright, and so I lived in all of these different countries growing up, and geography was always something that I thought a lot about,” says Jaffe. “Seeing all the cultural differences and the ways different cities are arranged; having those experiences is a cornerstone in my academic quest of questions around geography and location choice.” 

Jaffe comes to Vanderbilt from the University of Maryland, where she obtained her PhD in Managerial Economics. Before completing her doctorate, Jaffe worked as an analyst in the Financial Economics practice at Charles River Associates. She earned her BA in Economics at Haverford College.  

“I am so excited to be at Vanderbilt,” says Jaffe. “This is an incredibly special university that is a unique academic experience. I am thrilled to join this tight-knit and highly regarded community.” 

Jaffe is teaching Business in the World Economy in Mod 4.  

“My favorite part about working with students is when students can take a concept they’re learning in class and apply it to something they’re interested in,” says Jaffe. “Obviously, not all students are going to be on the edge of their seat learning about trade theory, or whatever it is, but when you actually observe a student cross that threshold of just learning a concept to then apply that concept, that’s by far the most rewarding part.”  

Outside of work, Jaffe enjoys trying new recipes in the kitchen, playing disc golf, and exploring Nashville with her dog, Harper.

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