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MS Finance Recruiting Timeline

Oct 25, 2022
A break down of the recruiting process for MS Finance students

By Arial Starks

Brook Meissner

The job search process for Master of Science in Finance students often begins before they ever step foot on campus. MS Finance recruiting can be different for each student and depends on many factors, including industry and job function. Brook Meissner, Director of Specialized Masters Coaching at Vanderbilt Business, walks us through a typical MS Finance job recruiting timeline. 

After admission into an MS Finance program, students are often required to complete assignments designed to prepare them for coursework and recruiting. Vanderbilt Business students are required to complete the “Pre-3,” a series of online preparatory courses, early in the summer before school. 

“A big focus for (the MS Finance) program is to help students identify different opportunities they can take over the summer,” Meissner said.

Students typically use this summer to explore career options through internship opportunities. They are encouraged to expand their network, which helps them better navigate the job search.

“Here at Vanderbilt, we really encourage MS Finance students to start engaging with their network early on, because recruiting can happen so fast once classes start in the fall,” said Meissner.

Shortly after classes begin in the fall, students can expect campus visits from company recruiters. Students should meet these company representatives through one-on-one coffee chats or informational sessions, to learn more about their organizations and employment  opportunities.

Vanderbilt MS Finance students also have “Transition Coaches” – prior-year MS Finance graduates who understand the job search. Through mock interviews and networking chats, the transition coaches help MS Finance students navigate the recruiting process.

“The students are getting insightful feedback from their transition coach so that they can then go out and tackle recruiting on their own,” he said.

Interview timing largely depends on the industries and companies a student seeks to pursue. Investment banking and consulting interviews occur earlier in the school year and return offers by late fall. Positions in Corporate Finance and Real Estate tend to interview later during the recruiting process, and students can expect a return offer by winter break.

Click through below to see a visual of the MS Finance recruiting timeline.

To learn more about the MS Finance recruiting process, click here.

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