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EMBA Mexico City Residency Recap

Feb 24, 2023
Hear from students about their experience in Mexico City

By Rachael Perrotta

Students in Vanderbilt’s Executive MBA program choose between 2 tracks in their second year: the Global Immersion Track and the Executive Edge Track

Those on the Global Immersion Track study at 4 Alliance Partner Schools around the world with a cohort of around 60 students—no more than 15 students from each Alliance Partner School. The 4 schools rotate hosting the cohort over the course of a year.  

Jeffrey Taylor

Jeffrey Taylor and Scott Morris, both Vanderbilt EMBA students in the Class of 2023, recently traveled to Mexico City, Mexico, to study international competitiveness and family business. Beyond the classroom, Morris said his cohort of around 60 students learned to lead in the context of different cultures during their 10 days in Mexico City.

“This is fastly becoming a much more important component of leadership in today’s globalized and digitalized world,” Morris said. “Learning about emerging markets from a professor in an emerging market was incredible.”

Taylor explained that Mexico City exposed him to unfamiliar problems that he had to learn to solve in a way that catered to the city’s culture. By immersing himself in the city, he became aware of factors that leaders in the U.S. might take for granted, such as economic stability and protective legislation. 

Scott Morris

“You can’t assume that what works in the U.S. is going to work in other countries. Each has its own challenges; its own demands,” Taylor said.

The pair spoke of the academic excellence of their peers in Mexico City. Taylor said he was humbled by his experience studying in Mexico City. He learned of the high educational standards of other countries and of international respect for Vanderbilt and U.S. universities. 

He added that he was inspired to improve his global communication and international business skills after learning from students in Mexico City.

“I think it puts a great responsibility on all of us to display that kind of excellence,” Taylor said. “They do a better job knowing our culture, our language.”

Morris and Taylor both referenced the “human factor” of their trip, stating that they gained new perspectives on and connections with the people of Mexico City. The students added that they grew closer to the members of their cohort during the trip as well.

“When something happens in Mexico now, we’re connected to it,” Morris said. “The border disappears and the human factor comes into play. It gives us the tools to eliminate the judgment of other countries in considering the human factor.”

Taylor emphasized that there is “no comparison” between the immersive qualities of the courses he has taken abroad and traditional EMBA and business classes. Morris expressed gratitude for the opportunity to study in Mexico City and to participate in the Global Immersion Track.

“I would highly recommend everyone to take this track,” Morris said. “The coursework is just fantastic.”

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