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Wendy Liu: New Finance Faculty Q&A

Aug 24, 2023
Drawn to Vanderbilt Business by its collaborative culture and commitment to student success, get to know new finance faculty member, Wendy Liu

By Lacie Blankenship

Pictured: Wendy Liu, Associate Professor of the Practice of Finance and Faculty Director for the MS Finance Program, Vanderbilt Business

Wendy Liu, Associate Professor of the Practice of Finance and Faculty Director for the MS Finance Program, Vanderbilt Business

Wendy Liu, Vanderbilt Business Associate Professor of the Practice of Finance and Faculty Director for the MS Finance Program, earned a PhD in Finance from Indiana University. Before coming to Vanderbilt Business, Wendy Liu served 9 years in teaching and administrative roles at the University of Kentucky, including establishing their undergraduate finance scholars program. She has taught over 8,000 undergraduate and graduate students in her career and has received numerous university and college-level teaching awards and honors, including the Great Teacher Award from the University of Kentucky Alumni Association and the University of Kentucky Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award.

What motivated you to pursue a career in academia?

My motivation to pursue academia is 3-fold. I love learning and achieving a greater depth of knowledge from conducting and reading research. I also love creating and delivering carefully designed courses that reflect the state-of-the-art of the finance field. Lastly, I love interacting with students and helping them explore their potential.

What attracted you to Vanderbilt Business?

Over my career, I have admired Vanderbilt and Owen because of its world-class faculty, who have made significant contributions to knowledge and practice through their research. Also, it is evident that the faculty care deeply for student learning and success, that talented students work hard to accomplish their goals, and that outstanding staff members are passionate in their support for the faculty and students. The collaborative culture at Owen is distinctive and unequaled. The potential to contribute to the growth and impact of Owen is exciting.

 Can you tell us what makes your work meaningful?

The students. Witnessing students evolve personally and professionally is thrilling to me. It is a special experience to participate in discussions with students and share my expertise in ways that people with all learning styles can grasp.

What is a course you’re particularly excited to teach?

All of them! I will teach several courses, including Financial Economics II to MAcc and MS Finance students, Bond Markets to mainly MS Finance and MBA students, and Principles of Finance to undergraduate business minors. I look forward to learning more about the different groups of students and helping them achieve each course’s learning objectives and their career aspirations.

What is a piece of advice for any of your future students?

Plan, focus, and persevere. Enjoy the journey and the growth.

What should the Vanderbilt Business community know about you?

I love my profession. I am passionate about learning and passing along knowledge to the students. My work is very fulfilling, and I get great joy from seeing the students succeed in their careers and personal lives.

Outside of work, what are some things you’re passionate about?

I greatly enjoy international travel and learning more about culture and history around the world. I also enjoy listening to music, including classical and various genres of metal. The instrumentation and the skill it takes to create a great piece of music is something I admire.

What excites you most about moving to Nashville?

The opportunity to learn from great colleagues and students attracted me to Vanderbilt Business. Nashville is just the icing on the cake. It is a vibrant city with ample opportunities to enjoy leisure time and to engage with and learn from a thriving business community.

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