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2023 Vanderbilt MBA Employment Report Reveals Unprecedented Outcomes

Oct 19, 2023
The most recent MBA class at Vanderbilt Business reports school records for the highest average starting base salary and the largest percentage of students to receive full-time employment offers by graduation

By Lacie Blankenship

Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management proudly announces that the most recent class of graduates from the full-time MBA program posts 2 school records in the forthcoming 2023 Vanderbilt MBA Employment Report. 

The Vanderbilt MBA Class of 2023 reports an average starting base salary of $154,052, an all-time high in school history. 

The class also set a record for the largest percentage of students receiving full-time employment offers by graduation, with 93% of graduates having secured offers by then.

“This was a year full of milestones,” says Emily Anderson, Senior Director, Career Management Center, Vanderbilt Business. “In addition to breaking school records, the Vanderbilt MBA Class of 2023 was the first to move into the newly renovated Management Hall.”

Forty-one percent of the class reports accepting roles in the consulting industry among 17 firms. Other popular industry destinations for the class include financial services, healthcare, and technology. The 2023 Vanderbilt MBA Employment Report indicates that the class accepted positions across the United States with top employment destinations: Nashville, New York, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Atlanta. 

For the 12th year in a row, 100% of first-year MBAs seeking an internship secured a position for Summer 2023. The students reported a mean monthly salary of $10,444 at their internships. 

“We are grateful to have fantastic recruiting partners who continue to value Vanderbilt MBA graduates and students,” says Anderson. “We rely on our committed alumni who foster these recruiting relationships and remain engaged with Vanderbilt Business.” 

You can view the full 2023 Vanderbilt MBA Employment Report here. To learn more about Career Paths & Support at the Vanderbilt MBA program, click here.

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