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John Blauser Improves His Mettle

Sales manager for national firm adds skills for advancement

John Blauser
Sales Manager, ARC Metals Corporation

Vanderbilt Executive Education 2017

Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising. It worked for John Blauser.

For more than three decades, John has been building a career in the powdered metals industry. For approximately 15 years of that time, he has served as sales manager in Western Pennsylvania for all products of Hoeganaes’s Corporation (and in a global sales role for ARC Metals).

From others in the organization -- which operates a facility not far from Nashville in Gallatin, TN – John heard of their experiences with courses at the Vanderbilt Executive Development Institute. For John, it sounded like an excellent opportunity. “I wish to advance within the corporation,” he says. “I need to be a better manager and listener to accomplish this.”

So far, John has completed courses in Leading Change, Executive Leadership and Leadership Coaching. He plans to return for another course, Negotiation Skills for Management, and to earn a certificate in Leadership Excellence.

He particularly enjoyed the Leading Change and Leadership Coaching courses. “We had great instructors, and the classroom always has people from all over, with many different functions and knowledge to share,” he says.

He’s been able to apply that knowledge from teachers and colleagues on the job. One takeaway especially stands out for him. “I keep going back to ‘being a better listener versus being a better talker,’” he says.

“I keep going back to ‘being a better listener versus being a better talker.’”