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Making a Bigger Impact

Teepe Uses MBA to Become Change Agent

Megan Teepe
Vice President and General Manager, International Business, Rover.com

Vanderbilt MBA 2011

Concern for the environment and the wider world has long shaped Megan (Chavez) Teepe's thinking. She's lived everywhere from Colorado, Oregon and Nebraska to Granada, Spain. She majored in Geography and the Environment at the University of Texas. But she never imagined that Owen would help her shape her world in the way she had always hoped.

After earning her undergraduate degree, Megan did field research in Honduras related to land rights. Then as an associate at ICF International in Washington, D.C., she analyzed environmental impacts of activity on public lands. She also helped companies in the transportation sector integrate environmental regulations into their long-term strategies.

Gradually, she says, "I realized that the best way to have a larger impact is to become a business leader." In addition to Vanderbilt's Leadership Development Program, Megan was especially attracted by Owen's strong Net Impact chapter that engages students in activities focused on social and environmental responsibility. (She was part of the Net Impact case competition team and landed the Net Impact Climate Corps summer internship with FedEx in Memphis).

Most of all, it has been Owen's own environment that Megan found uniquely attractive. "Owen pulls people from a really diverse set of backgrounds," she says. "I knew I would learn a lot from my peers. And I have been blown away by the personal interaction. It was a fundamentally different experience than any other school."