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Learning the Art of Marketing

MBA provides canvas of new possibilities for Morgan Scott

Morgan Scott
Senior Marketing Manager, Automotive, Amazon

Vanderbilt MBA 2019

What can you do with a degree in Art History? If you’re Morgan Long Scott, you launch a career in art. That’s where Morgan was — in the art auction business, specifically — after graduating from NYU. “Art will always be my first love,” says the Birmingham, Alabama native. “I track the art market like some of my classmates track fantasy sports. I love nothing more than spending all day in museums.”

As she rose in the ranks of her profession, Morgan realized that she needed more advanced quantitative and analytical skills to continue to be successful. She also wanted to broaden her horizons and, she says, “needed a degree that would unlock different career opportunities.”

She chose Vanderbilt for “the unique community, quality of faculty and the small size,” she says. In addition to her classes — as highlights, she points to Professor Jessica Kennedy’s class in Leading Teams and Organizations and Megan Lawrence’s Strategy class — Morgan deepened her marketing knowledge by participating in Brand Week, tackling mini-cases, and serving as marketing director of the student-led Owen Tech Club. As part of an independent study during Mods 3 and 4 of her first year, she completed a segmentations study and proposed a marketing strategy for a Nashville-based startup that produces sustainable furniture. 

“I believe that coming to Vanderbilt is one of the best decisions I ever made,” she says. “The school is fantastic, but I am continually blown away by my classmates. Everyone comes from diverse backgrounds with different strengths. Sometimes I find myself learning even more from them than from the professors.

“I have been able to lead, learn and explore with some of my best friends. And [the experience] has confirmed to me that I love marketing. It’s exciting to have a new career trajectory and new possibilities open to me.”

Fun Fact: Morgan lived for a year in Spain when she was 12.

“The school is fantastic, but I am continually blown away by my classmates.”