Welcome to Owen! We wish you success in your upcoming studies. Part of that success will be facilitated by the various computer resources available here. The setup process can be confusing for new students; this checklist will help you be productive as soon as possible. For help, once you are on campus, visit our Help Desk in room 145, 7:30-5:30, M-F. You may also call 615-322-2034, or email help.desk@owen.vanderbilt.edu.

Claim your VUNetID (activate after you receive notice)
Students who have committed to Vanderbilt will start receiving notice about claiming their VUNetID in mid-late February. Once you receive notice, click on the link provided in the email from the University Registrar’s Office. Alternately, go to https://it.vanderbilt.edu/services/identity/user/new/index.php.

Click on “Claim Student Account.” Then follow the appropriate steps and forms on the Student Claim website.

Once you are able to claim your VUNetID, we will provide hardware and software recommendations, information on your Vanderbilt/Owen email address and a guide to setting up your computer.







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