Do you know of an alumnus making an impact in the world? 

The Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes one graduate who has exhibited outstanding leadership and service in both the professional and philanthropic realms. The recipient will have also contributed significantly to the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management by donating time, energy, talent or financial support and will have built networks through class activities, regional programs such as Closing Bell, board involvement and service to current students and faculty.

The Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management annually grants the Distinguished Alumnus/a Award, not only to honor worthy recipients, but also to inspire students and alumni.

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Past Distinguished Alumni Recipients

2020 John Hawkins (MBA'92)

2019 Paul Jacobson (MBA'97)

2018 Adena Friedman (MBA'93)

2017 W. Jackson (Jack) Long, Jr. (MBA'83)

2016 Virginia “Gigi” Banks Lazenby (MBA'73)

2015  Heiki Miki (MBA'96)

2014 Brent Turner (MBA'99)

2013 Eric Noll (MBA'90)

2012 Jim Sohr (BE'86, MBA'90)

2011 David B. Ingram (MBA'89)

2006 A.J. Kazimi (MBA'84)

2005 Amy Jorgensen Conlee (MBA'77)

2004 William Douglas Parker, Jr. (MBA’86)

2003 David C. Kloeppel (MBA’96)

2002 James H. Herring, Jr. (MBA’89)

2000 Kimberley G. Newton (MBA’99)

1999 Brad Williams (MBA’94)

1998 J. Smoke Wallin (MBA’93)

1997 Donald E. Townswick (MBA’92)

1996 Robert W. Davis (MBA’91)

1995 Thomas Eckert (MBA’90)

1994 James Welch (MBA’89)

1993 Mark Hilling (MBA’88)

1992 Brian M. Cote (MBA’87)

1991 Carin L. Barth (MBA’86)

A plaque listing all Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management Distinguished Alumni Award recipients hangs in Management Hall at Owen.