About the IB Academy

  • Twice a year, cohorts of enrolled, incoming MSF students will be assembled for those wanting to interview for admittance into the MS Finance Investment Banking Academy. To join a cohort, please get in touch with your career coach.
  • Once you join a cohort, you will begin an intensive preparatory journey that includes enrolling in a range of online courses for your IB Academy admissions interview. Interviews will be held 2 months after your cohort begins. Candidates who pass the interview will be granted membership into the MS Finance Investment Banking Academy.

By the numbers

Membership Benefits

Candidate Preparation Alone Boosts Industry Know-How:

  • Candidates also gain invaluable insight into IB full-time recruiting through the interview preparation process. We do this by providing training in technical knowledge in financial services and modeling, networking support, strategy and feedback, and industry know-how.

Grow Your Technical IB Skillset:

  • The IB Academy helps candidates lay a solid foundation of core investment banking concepts, methodologies, and practical techniques.
  • Through rigorous training, fellows will acquire a solid grounding in financial analysis, valuation, and other vital areas critical for industry success.

Invest in Your Professional Development:

  • Extensive professional development activities are curated to bridge the gap between academic learning and practical execution. These include seminars about capital market and industry trends and personal insights into specific banking/PE industry segments among young alumni and current student fellows.
  • An Opportunity to engage in case competitions to apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios and receive constructive feedback.

Participate in Networking & Mentorship Opportunities:

  • As an IBA fellow, you will benefit from and support other fellow's personal and professional development.
  • The program facilitates interaction with a network of accomplished alumni and industry professionals, providing invaluable insights into the dynamics of investment banking.
  • The organization will provide additional mentorship to help international students navigate the more complex recruitment process.