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VU2MBA Program Revamps Admissions Process

May 28, 2020
The program allows VU undergraduates to apply to the MBA program during or shortly after their senior year

By Kara Sherrer

Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management has altered its VU2MBA program in order to improve the admissions process for interested Vanderbilt undergraduates. The minimum GMAT score of 700 has been removed, and the parameters surrounding qualifying jobs have been broadened. The deposit required at the time of acceptance to the program has also been reduced from $2,500 to $500; the balance of the deposit is due prior to enrolling in order to secure a spot in class.

“We have always had a steady stream of Vanderbilt undergraduates come back to Vanderbilt to earn their MBA,” said Sue Oldham, Associate Dean of MBA Operations. “Especially in this current world situation with so many uncertainties, we want to offer our Vanderbilt students the certainty that they can ‘lock in’ their spot in a future MBA class now and ease the burden of having to go through the application process years from now.”

Vanderbilt Business will also be partnering with ETS to provide 10% discount vouchers for VU2MBA applicants who take the GRE General Test, inclusive of four free score reports. A GRE General Test at home option is now available to test takers in regions where physical test centers are closed or have limited seating due to COVID-19. (The Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) offers discounts to undergraduate students who take the GMAT exam while enrolled as a college student.)

“The VU2MBA program gives undergraduate seniors the opportunity to apply for the MBA program and prepare for their future in advance. It helps to provide certainty for life after graduation with added perks such as discounts on the GRE/GMAT test and no application fee,” added Mckenzie Mulligan, Assistant Director, Recruiting & Admissions and the main point of contact for the VU2MBA program.

The VU2MBA program allows undergraduate Vanderbilt students to apply to the Vanderbilt MBA program and receive an admissions decision ahead of time. After spending two to four years working in the private, public, or non-profit sector, admitted students come back to Vanderbilt and begin their MBA classes. Admitted students are asked to avoid employment gaps other than typical 2-4-week transition times from graduation to work and between work and return to the Vanderbilt MBA program. Admissions staff will evaluate any extraordinary employment circumstances causing longer than a 4-week gap (e.g., company layoff or closure) on a case-by-case basis.

“The VU2MBA program gave me an incredible advantage as I graduated from undergraduate and joined the workforce,” said Alex Brewer (BA’18, MBA’22). “Both the confidence instilled through admission and the knowledge that I had the opportunity to return to school in a few years were invaluable as I began my first full-time role. As I watch my peers take the GMAT and apply to graduate school while balancing full-time work schedules, I am continually grateful that I took the opportunity to apply through the VU2MBA program.”

Vanderbilt rising seniors and recent graduates interested in the program should contact McKenzie Mulligan for more information by emailing her at <>.

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