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What Parents say about Accelerator®

“The best four weeks my daughter has spent in school. She gained an appreciation of business applications and learned about the pace of real-world situations.”

Mark Bivins

Accelerator prepares students from all undergraduate majors for a career in business.

"Accelerator inspired my son and gave him the opportunity to lead and succeed in a group setting. It was the best money we have spent!”

Rebecca Gregory

“The quality and expertise of speakers, as well as the hands-on involvement of faculty, are some of the greatest strengths of Accelerator. My son gained confidence and an understanding of the hard work necessary to succeed from this program.”

Elizabeth Hawkins

"Accelerator is the best real-world business experience your student will have as an undergrad. My son has learned a lot in college, but he learned more about what it is actually like in the world of business in this one month than he did in two years of college classes and internships."

David Jones

“The Accelerator program is a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to experience analyzing and solving real business issues, while working in teams and under the guidance of top professors and industry experts.”

Lori Espe

“To create an environment that makes a young person want to learn how business and commerce work is the most exciting part about the program. The conversations I have had with my son post-Accelerator have actually challenged me on how I run aspects of my business.”

Bill Hawkins

Accelerator students gain real-world internship experience and professional development.

"Accelerator offers high-caliber exposure to business through real-life case studies for liberal arts majors and effectively simulates the type of environment a young professional will experience post-graduation."

Joel Turner

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The number of projects students work on for real companies during their four weeks in the Accelerator program.

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