Accelerator Benefits

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You’ll develop your personal brand and start building your professional network. You’ll learn to work in teams, develop confidence as a leader, and receive career counseling to help you sharpen your interviewing and networking skills. You'll learn the basics of business and have opportunities to put that knowledge to work on real-world consulting projects. In 3-weeks, you'll achieve more than you ever imagined.

Accelerator helped me realize that my undergraduate field of study can be an asset in the business world. It also opened my mind to other ventures and career opportunities I did not think were available to me. Accelerator taught me that it’s not all about winning. It’s about giving your all and working with a team to produce your best work that everyone is proud of. It’s all about personal growth.

Nicole MinietVanderbilt Accelerator
Undergraduate Institution: University of Florida
Undergraduate Major: Sociology

Accelerator is hectic, insightful, rapid and fun all at the same time. I’ve learned how to stand up for ideas, collaborate, appease people, and manage personalities. I’ve learned to work with others toward a shared goal.

Will BraithwaiteVanderbilt Accelerator
Undergraduate Institution: Vanderbilt University
Undergraduate Major: American Studies

I wish I could quantify how much the professors have taught me. I have learned about creative brainstorming, networking, public speaking, accounting, and more. I literally had not heard of some of the professions in the communications world that I am now pursuing because of Accelerator.

Kristen McGeeVanderbilt Accelerator
Undergraduate Institution: Elon University
Undergraduate Major: Communications

My biggest takeaway from Accelerator was learning about my leadership style. I learned how to be a leader and a team member. I learned how to contribute and step up.

David NoelVanderbilt Accelerator
Undergraduate Institution: University of Central Florida
Undergraduate Major: Economics

What Accelerator has taught me is that I am capable of pursuing my dreams. It has developed me into a leader and team member I didn’t know I could be.

Katherine HodgesVanderbilt Accelerator
Undergraduate Institution: Washington and Lee University
Undergraduate Major: Economics and Politics

I learned a lot about the business world and bettered myself not only as a student, but also as a person. It’s a very fulfilling experience.

Mike Dennin
Vanderbilt Accelerator
Undergraduate Institution: Colgate University
Undergraduate Major: History and Political Science

I went into it not knowing very much about myself or my role in the business world, but afterward I feel like I have a better idea of what my next career steps are.

Jennifer LiVanderbilt Accelerator
Undergraduate Institution: Vanderbilt University
Undergraduate Major: Asian Studies

I would say this is as close to a real-world consulting experience as you can get without being a full-time consultant. Phenomenal experience overall.

Kern VohraVanderbilt Accelerator
Undergraduate Institution: Vanderbilt University
Undergraduate Major: Economics and Mathematics

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