Virtual Business Immersion


Accelerator® Virtual Business Immersion offers college students and recent graduates relevant interactive programming that can be accessed online. Choose one or both of the following tracks to develop your business acumen and gain real client consulting and marketing experience that will build your resume.

Leading Virtual Teams:

  • Learn to work with and lead teams in a virtual world
  • Gain business knowledge to tackle today's challenges
  • Receive individual career coaching and professional development
  • Network with Accelerator alumni and participate in career exploration conferences
  • Experience measurable benefits from learning new business skills and knowledge and also acquiring real project and work experience
  • Develop higher-level skills to engage potential clients and customers online

Business Essentials:

  • Learn to lead impactful operational changes in an organization and team; students will analyze and improve processes by using specific methodologies and tools as demonstrated in real-world case scenarios
  • Identify key drivers of performance for individuals, teams, and organizations and apply concepts and frameworks for enhancing effectiveness
  • Gain an understanding of the forces that limit innovation and identify those barriers in order to create change
  • Develop a personal brand by using skills designed to manage reputation, pitch unique strengths to others, and make authentic connections

What to Expect

Leading Virtual Teams

Over the course of seven days, students will gain a broad understanding of the concepts and applications of the following:

  • Consulting
  • Team Dynamics
  • Marketing
  • Group Projects
  • Feedback
  • Career Development

Business Essentials (Approximately 25 hours of self-paced business classes)

Participants will take foundational, self-paced online business classes. Students registered for Leading Virtual Teams are encouraged to complete Business Essentials before the one-week program begins. Over the course of approximately 25 hours, students will gain a broad understanding of the concepts and applications of the following:

  • Leadership
  • Operations
  • Innovation
  • Personal Branding

Who Should Attend

This program is designed to equip students with a foundational understanding of consulting, marketing, and working in a virtual world. This is an ideal course for those who fit into the following categories:

  • Students who are interested in marketing or consulting or are unsure of a career path
  • Freshmen and sophomores in liberal arts majors who do not have internship experience
  • Students who need to expand their knowledge base and experience level in order to earn a future internship


This is an open enrollment program that does not require an application or interview. Students registering for this course should be in good academic standing at their college or university. Students earn a certificate upon completion of the course.

Faculty Spotlight

Kelly Goldsmith
Kelly Goldsmith
Associate Professor of Marketing
Jon Lehman
Jon Lehman
Adjunct Professor of Management
615 322-9101

Faculty Insights

"Knowing how to lead virtual teams has never been more important than it is now. Bringing out the best in others requires a deep understanding of how people manage and respond to uncertainty. Leaders need to inspire others to set their own goals, and give them the tools and the agency to manage and monitor their successes. Our new program trains the leaders of the future to do just that. By doing so, we give leaders the skills necessary to survive and thrive in business contexts that the leaders of the past could not have even envisioned."

Kelly Goldsmith—Associate Professor of Marketing

In our new reality, the ability to effectively lead and contribute virtually will be an essential business skill. This new program combines online content taught by some of Owen’s best faculty followed by a real world project tackled in a virtual team format. You solve a challenging business issue and interact with leading executives online while learning the nuances of virtual teaming. This kind of experience is highly sought after by the most selective employers.

Jon Lehman—Faculty Director, Accelerator® Business Immersions at Vanderbilt; Adjunct Professor of Management

Accelerator is known for real-world and immersive programming. Leading Virtual Teams will help students build their resumes and set them apart from their peers by adding this meaningful real project experience.

Greg Harvey—Director, Accelerator® Business Immersions at Vanderbilt